About Us

La Alianza is an organization dedicated to providing support to Latino/a students at Harvard Law School and increasing understanding of the issues that face Latinos in the United States. Everyone is invited to participate in our efforts.

Academic and Career Assistance

La Alianza provides academic and career placement assistance for its members. Our office has a variety of academic aids, used books, hornbooks, outlines, and other study aids. Members are encouraged to take advantage of these resources prior to purchasing textbooks. Workshops are held on test taking, course selection, the job search, and interviewing. First-year students are also assigned a mentor (a 2L or 3L) to help them through the general rigors and adjustments of the first year.

Campus Diversity

Our organization is committed to increasing the presence of Latinas/os on campus, from the student body to the faculty. La Alianza works in conjunction with the Admissions Office to increase the enrollment of Latino/a students by traveling throughout the U.S. and working with our undergraduate institutions to encourage potential students to apply for admission. We also endeavor to achieve the appointment of Latinos/as to the HLS faculty. La Alianza is committed to working with alumni, faculty, and the administration to bring tenured Latinos/as to campus.

Social Events

During the academic year, La Alianza organizes a number of activities to mitigate the often demanding academic life at Harvard. La Alianza sponsors a number of informal gatherings such as happy hours, salsa dances, movie nights, and a few excursions away from Cambridge. We sponsor conferences where Latinos/as from throughout the country meet to discuss topics of importance to the U.S. Latino/a community.

We are excited about the year’s activities and hope that you will join us in making our experience at HLS a memorable one. Be sure to contact La Alianza at alianza@mail.law.harvard.edu either before or when you arrive in Cambridge. We can answer questions and provide advice.