Harvard Law & Policy Review

The Harvard Law & Policy Review (HLPR) is a student-run journal at HLS, and it is the official law review of ACS. We encourage any students interested in ACS to also explore HLPR and its website.

HLPR serves as a nexus between academia and practice, with a focus on promoting scholarship with practical application to societal challenges. HLPR publishes innovative proposals for progressive applications of law and policy, focusing on U.S. domestic policy.”

In addition to its full-length articles, HLPR also routinely publishes student notes.

NOTE: HLPR is a student-run journal at HLS. The American Constitution Society (ACS) takes no position on particular legal or policy initiatives. All expressions of opinion in the Harvard Law & Policy Review (HLPR) are those of the author or authors and do not reflect the views of HLPR, Harvard Law School, or ACS.