Mindy J. Roseman

Director of International Programs and Gruber Program on Global Justice and Women’s Rights at Yale Law School. Former Academic Director at the Human Rights Program at Harvard Law School. Former staff attorney with the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York.

In the words of the HLS community members who nominated her, “For decades, as an advocate, teacher and scholar, Mindy Jane Roseman has been shaping the way we talk and think about women’s health, sexuality, and reproductive rights, in the United States and around the world. She has led trailblazing work with UN agencies and NGOs in these fields, with her expertise on HIV/AIDS, gender, maternal health, and criminal law. Mindy is a clear-eyed visionary, an idea encapsulator, a subtle agenda-setter. And you will never find her alone. Wherever she goes, she draws a community of intelligent and supportive women with and around her. Indeed, she is an inspiration as much for the creativity, passion and brilliance that she pours into her legal and academic work as she is for the patience, generosity and kindness with which she supports others. Generosity of spirit is not to be taken for granted in any workplace, but in the highly competitive and hierarchical legal field, it can be particularly hard to come by. A mentor to generations of women, Mindy is exceptional in her willingness to treat colleagues and students of all levels the same way: as people with tremendous abilities and potential to give.”