Pat Bak

Pat Bak

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Patricia Bak is Deputy Executive Director at the Federal Trade Commission and has served as the Acting Director several times. She has worked in a number of positions at the agency, including as Acting CIO, Associate Executive Director, attorney with the Bureau of Consumer Protection’s Enforcement Division, and Counsel to the Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection.  Before rising to high administrative ranks in the FTC, Bak was a partner at a law firm and Managing Attorney and Corporate Secretary of the $2.3 billion Manville Personal Injury Class Action Settlement Trust and the Claims Resolution Management Corporation. As an attorney, she represented clients on complex commercial litigation and later managed professional liability litigation at the FDIC.  Bak has been “a strong mentor, guiding students through the law school application process and into their legal education and careers. She is a model for female law students to become strong women in whichever field they choose for their careers.”

Bak earned a B.A. and J.D. from Northwestern University.

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  1. Brava! So happy to see that Pat Bak is being recognized as the powerful mentor she has been throughout her distinguished legal career. A vigorous champion of talented, hard-working young professionals, especially women, Pat has always led by example.

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