Domestic Violence Courtwatch Program

Dates and Application

Info Session (optional): September 26th at 5pm, Pound Hall 204.

Mandatory Training: October 13 at 5:30pm, Pound Hall 101. Please RSVP here.

Contact Rebecca Lake at for more information and to join an email list about Courtwatch.

All volunteers must complete an application. The fall 2011 application deadline is October 13, the date of the training.

Click here to access training materials. You’ll need to get the password from us in order to view. Contact Rebecca Lake at

Courtwatch Members

Spring 2011

Rebecca Lake, Student Director
Laura Wolf, Research & Development Team
Elizabeth Hague, Research & Development Team
Rachel Gart, Research & Development Team
Kamilah Willingham, Research & Development Team
Helen Beasley, Research & Development Team
Emily Inouye, Research & Development Team
Jenny Lee, Research & Development Team
Roxana Rahmani, Trained Observer
Hannah Bolt, Trained Observer
Taylor Poor, Trained Observer
Caitlin Pratt, Trained Observer
Alex St. Pierre, Trained Observer
Tracee Mergen, Trained Observer


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