Latest Past Events

Freedom Dreaming with Restorative Justice Community Applications

WCC 2036 - Milstein East B

This workshop with Susan Maze-Rothstein focuses on the fundamental principles of restorative justice as paradigm that could enable freedom dreaming. Of particular interest is the relationship of  traditional or indigenous […]

Border Injustices

WCC 2036 - Milstein East A

Advocates Nicole Ramos, Guerline Jozef, and Charlene D’Cruz will be jointly leading a workshop on unjust U.S. border policies like MPP and Title 42, especially through a racial justice lens. […]

Lawyering for Family Unity

WCC 2036 - Milstein East B

"A lawyer's either a social engineer, or he's a parasite on society," wrote Charles Hamilton Houston. Join community organizers Joyce McMillan and Angela Burton in discussing the challenges and strengths […]