2020 – 2021 Survey For Interested Students

On behalf of the 2020–21 TaxHelp Board, we hope this message finds you well. Given last month’s announcement about remote learning for the spring semester, our Board is in the process of developing plans for how we can structure TaxHelp, with the goals of providing helpful client services and an equitable student experience in mind. In order to facilitate planning, we would greatly appreciate it if folks could please fill out the following (short!) survey. The more answers the better — even if you are not sure whether you would like to participate, want to wait to hear more, or know for sure it is not an option for you, that information is still incredibly valuable as we get a sense of numbers and interest for next semester.

Thank you in advance for your help! Please complete this survey by Wednesday, November 25 (before Thanksgiving) if possible.  

The 2020–2021 TaxHelp Board