Students with disabilities face obstacles before, during, and after law school. Twenty-five years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Individuals with disabilities are still employed at rates way below their able bodied peers, both outside and inside the legal profession.

But Supero is here to help students with disabilities succeed at HLS and beyond. We can answer questions about accessibility at HLS and are working to make HLS accessible to all- in locations ranging from the dining hall, the library, and the classroom.

Supero is also aiming to ensure that the voices of those with disabilities have a platform to be heard. We recently hosted Justice Bernstein, the first blind Justice on the Michigan Supreme Court, for a lunch event that over 50 students attended. Justice Bernstein spoke of the challenges he has faced- from the discriminatory nature of the LSAT for those who are visually impaired to the ways in which his new office is inaccessible. But he also inspired us with his success in the face of these obstacles and his incredible work as a disability rights advocate before serving on the bench. With your help we can bring more speakers like this to HLS, to continue raising awareness about disability rights and advocacy.