New L Orientation

The New L Orientation poster.

The New L Orientation poster.

Are you a first-generation college graduate? The first in your family to go to law school? From a low-income background? Or have a disability?

On Saturday, August 29th from 3 PM – 5 PM, Supero Law Students Association invites you to its 2015 New L Orientation, which aims to ease the transition to law school for first-generation college graduates, students from low-income backgrounds, and students with disabilities. Supero is an affinity group created to serve the above three groups; however, we also welcome all who are interested in socioeconomics or disability in the law (or just those who feel overwhelmed with starting law school and are looking for advice and friendly faces)!

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How to Read a Case & Study Tips
WCC 1015, 3:00-4:00
This interactive session will teach students the different ways to read and annotate cases. From briefing to highlighting, come see what style works best for you. This session will also cover different ways to study for law school.

Learn from Our Mistakes
WCC 1015, 4:00-4:30
This panel will feature current HLS students discussing their biggest mistakes from their 1L year. Come hear honest discussion and learn from the wisdom of others.

Time Management in Law School
WCC 1015, 4:30-5:00
With so many options, it is overwhelming to decide what journals, research assistantships, SPOs, outside commitments and other student organizations you should join. Come participate in a rotation where you will have the opportunity to speak directly with involved students on the different ways to budget your time and commitments at HLS.