Past Class Marshal and Representative Candidates (2019-2020)

The election will be held from September 25th-26th. Please vote online when the voting link is circulated on those dates.

The candidate candidate statements are contained at the following link, as well as below: Fall-2019-SG-Elections-Candidate-Statements


1L Representatives (1 position per section)

Section 1: Mark Haidar, Avery J. Smith
Section 2: September McCarthy
Section 3: Di Ai, Diego Alvarez, Irfan Mahmud
Section 4: Velo-Vincent van Houden
Section 5: Erin Savoie
Section 6: Ivanka Diaz Canzius
Section 7: Kathryn C. Reed, Eric Zilber

Transfer Representative (1 position)

Ryan Gribbin-Burket

3L Representatives (2 positions)

David Shea

 LLM Representatives (2 positions)

Nayara Ferreira Araujo Alves
Daniel O’Farrill Cortes
Arthur Rodrigues Dalmarco
Julian Rotenberg
Berton Wang

SJD Representative (1 position)

Jackie Mwangi

JD Class Marshals (4 positions)

Amanda Bradley
Zach Buchanan
Jake Cruz
K.C. Jaski
Jennifer Kim
Emily María Migliore
Neil O’Dougherty
Jacob Omorodion
David Sackstein
LJ Sanchez
Caroline Shinkle
Adam Smith
Camille Youngblood
Adele D. Zhang

LLM Class Marshals (2 positions)

Hanan El Kathiri
Rachel McKenzie
Josiah Senu
Andhika Sudarman

Candidate Statements

1L Section Representatives

Section 1


Mark Haidar

Dear Section 1 Fam,

From late night study sessions in WCC, to singing the chorus of “A Thousand Miles” together in perfect harmony at Kong’s, to our shared love for Goldie from Flavors of Love, I think it’s safe to say we have a beautiful thing going on in Section 1.

My hope is that, as your 1L Rep, I can work to spread some of that #Section1SectionFun spirit across campus and make HLS a more welcoming, positive place for everyone. To that end, my first action as 1L Rep would be to introduce a resolution to establish a formal section-mixing program. This would at least provide the opportunity for every section to meet by the end of 1L, so that one does not need to engage in clandestine activities crashing other sections’ events like I do.

But aside from facilitating community at HLS, there are other important issues I want to elevate as 1L Rep. These issues include:
– Advocating for further improvements to LIPP and increasing investment in public interest broadly
– Calling for Harvard to divest its funds from the for-profit prison industry
– Securing the release of the mental health survey and taking affirmative steps to improve mental health on campus
– Getting staplers next to ALL the printers (!!!)

It would be a privilege to serve as your 1L Rep within HLS Student Government. Thank you all for being you and for making this section so wonderful to be a part of.

Yours truly,

Avery J. Smith

When I was a teacher, I used to tell my students that “the most important choice you make here is the choice of people you spend time with.” I know that I hit the sorting algorithm lottery, because I could not have chosen a better group than Section 1.

I am not running for Section 1 Representative because I think I have all the best ideas. Rather, I believe in supporting events and initiatives that bring us together. I have seen how people from all over our section have stepped up to make our community better. The slack channel, our Flavor of love watch party and the Spanish lunches are all examples of this.

I also believe that the ability to listen is the greatest skill a person can have. I promise to do whatever I can to empower people that bring ideas to the table. I will do my best to be an accessible open conduit for these initiatives.

Furthermore, I believe in cultivating trust in our section so that people feel comfortable sharing when they disagree or see things a different way. Our diversity is what makes us strong.

Every graduate of HLS that I have talked so far has said that what they appreciate most from law school wasn’t the cases or doctrines studied in class. Instead, it was moments that they got to spend time with and learn from the other students that meant the most. I can already tell that the same will be true for me.

Section 2

September McCarthy

Dear Section 2,

It feels bizarre to me that our sections are purportedly randomly selected, because that would make our section a statistical anomaly. Section 2, you are spilling over with generosity, kindness, and inclusivity. Each of you acts with an ethic of care, and I hope, should I be elected, to bring that ethic of care and warmth as Section 2’s representative with me to Student Government.

Some issues I have been thinking about that I would like to address as your section representative:

1)Slightly longer breaks in between class/and OR larger bathroom facilities to allow for a comfortable period of time to use the bathroom in between class.

2)More transparency in how our tuition is being spent and opportunities to give feedback on how we believe our money could be better allocated.

3)Smaller 1L sections (or sub-sections) to facilitate conversation – (I would never not want to be in the section with all 80 of you amazing people, but I would love to be able to engage in more in-depth discourse regarding your fascinating thoughts in class!)

As your potential representative, I also would hope to engage in conversations about each of your ideas and wants, and bring them forward!

Thanks, Section 2, for making my time here at HLS worthwhile!

September McCarthy


Section 3

Di Ai

I believe that it is important for the administration to be receptive to student feedback and transparent about certain policies and decisions. I hope to advocate for and on behalf of the student body to push for changes that will benefit all students.

Diego Alvarez

I am running for student government because I firmly believe I can act as an exceptional representative for Section Three. Through these last few weeks of being together, I have gotten to know and bond with my section-mates well, and I believe I can act as an inclusive voice for the preferences and desires of my section-mates and represent them with integrity and thoughtfulness.

Most of all, I am running because I believe there is nothing more valuable and more satisfying than working for the greater good. In my previous experience as a representative in student government, I have learned the importance of advocating for what I believe are the most pressing issues on campus. If elected this year, I would like to focus on issues that I believe can make HLS a better place for everyone. Specifically, I would like to advance the initiative of hiring diverse and inclusive faculty members and creating policies that encourage students to feel more empowered when they feel neglected or suppressed. I would also like to focus on keeping the administration accountable to students and encouraging faculty to strive toward improvement and change.

Student government would be a great avenue for advancing the interests of my peers, and I would be honored to have the opportunity to serve. But above all else, I ask my section-mates to only vote for me if they believe I would be an admirable voice for them. Thank you.

Irfan Mahmud

It would be an honor to serve Section 3 as the Representative to the Student Government. I would adamantly advocate for the ideas of our Section. My values are relationships, inclusivity, justice, and service. I would love to be a voice, and I bring a few ideas based on my thoughts and discussions with Section-mates already.

  1. Broadening Inclusive Student Communities: I plan to work on creating an inclusive/fun Section through my role on the Service Committee. Beyond that, I want to create more inter-section connectivity so we can bond as a whole Class. I would also love to institute an idea of Sister Sections at Yale so we can have social events and even stay with people from our Sister Sections during HY2019.
  2. Expanding Faculty Diversity: HLS stands as a beacon to the legal profession. We need a strong commitment to not only bringing diverse faculty members but also retaining. The Faculty has a tradition of homogeneity. I would love to help change that.
  3. 1L Orientation: Orientation should teach important logistics, e.g., setting up computers with IT, how/where to do printing, what health insurance includes and seeking resources (e.g., where to get a flu shot, scheduling a mental health appt, etc.). I think printing should be free (LexisNexis offers free printing at other law schools nationwide). 1Ls should get a “Crimson Cash” budget like College students get (i.e., $50 of credit towards HLS food per semester).

I have many other ideas but would love to discuss!

Section 4

Velo-Vincent van Houden

I want section 4 to have an amazing first year experience and would love to represent our interests in student government. If there is a change you want to see on campus, I’ll be there to advocate for it. If there is a problem you are struggling with at home, I’ll be there to push to offer the resources you need to overcome it. All in all, I’ll strive to make sure everyone feels welcome on campus and gets to live their best life even with the stresses of our first year.

Section 5

Erin Savoie

I am in full support of the Student Government initiatives that have been discussed this year. The continued development of LRW is imperative for 1L (and later) success, and we should continue to research ways to improve the program. I share the core belief that mental health should be at the forefront of our minds in the HLS community. We should continue working with the administration to ensure that we’re being honest about the pressures of learning in this environment. I am especially supportive of the idea that HLS needs more opportunities for students to connect with each other outside of the perpetual burden of study. Most spaces within the law school are devoted to study, and while academic pursuit is the principal reason we are here, balance of work and life should be better reflected. Even locations such as the HLS Pub and Graduate Center lounge, which are intended to be non-academic space, become dominated by studying. I would propose that some spaces within the law school be designated as study-free, allowing students within those places to forgo the stress of being surrounded by academia, even while trying to relax. This would strengthen the sense of community at our school as we bond over both the rigor of the environment and also in the downtime that we all need.

I am, of course, always open to new ideas and would love the input of the entire section on what they would like to see achieved through Student Government!

Section 6

Ivanka Diaz Canzius

I am honored to be able to serve my section in such a capacity as this. I genuinely care for everyone there and I would love the opportunity to be an advocate for this team in HLS.


Section 7

Kathryn C. Reed

I believe institutions and communities become stronger when members are encouraged to turn to one another both for and with assistance. At both the individual and collective level, we benefit when we are comfortable sharing in the experiences of those around us. We are better when we come together in both our successes and our failures, large and small.

Section 7 is comprised of a diverse collection of individuals, but it has already given rise to a cohesive whole. As Section 7’s 1L representative, I hope to ensure that the needs of our section community are met within the Harvard Law School community as well. I have benefitted from the unique perspectives and experiences of those in our section; I would now like to represent those perspectives and experiences on a larger scale. I am running for representative to listen and to share, to seek and to give help. At our best, Harvard Law Students seek to include and feel included. Within our section and within this institution, I wish to work to ensure that we do just that.

Eric Zilber

My primary goal is to be your unrelenting advocate and remain answerable to you. We are incredibly fortunate to be in this section, as well as for inheriting and building upon the culture and community that previous Section 7-ers have created. I have never felt more proud than to be a part of this section.

In the short time I’ve known you, I’ve already heard many of your perspectives and would be honored to have the opportunity to implement them. Besides being your champion in Government, I come with many ideas of my own (though happy to debate in person to see if we agree) about solutions to make that happen.

Improved and more frequent social events. Increased mental health awareness/ resources. Fostering more inclusive communities within the section/law school broadly. Encouraging diverse perspectives, so everyone can bring their genuine selves to this community. Facilitating more meaningful connections with faculty. FOOD.

With all of that said, I’m running out of words, so my last bid: I recently became a co-parent to a golden retriever puppy. If elected, I’d do my best to bring her to any dog-friendly section events (though let’s be honest, I’d still do that, even if I didn’t get the nomination).

I would be honored to receive your vote and serve as your 1L Rep.


Transfer Representative

Ryan Gribbin-Burket

The first time I was ever on student government was at my undergrad and I loved it! I wound up doing it for all four years and I loved getting to know people, learning how I can help them, and learning about our school and how to make it better. I believe my years on student government have given me the confidence and ability to advocate for others whether that be to school administration members, outside people and groups connected to HLS, or other student government members, I listen to others’ concerns and ideas and put solutions into action. On top of it all I have a passion for it and love being involved in efforts to improve our experience, so I hope you vote for me, Ryan Gribbin-Burket as your transfer representative!


LLM Representatives

Nayara Ferreira Araujo Alves

This candidacy was not among my plans until some of my LL.M. friends encouraged me to do so, and I must say that now I am very excited about it! Regardless of the election’s outcome, I am glad for the trust you placed in me! After considering the idea for a while, I concluded that if there is something I could do to show how grateful I am for meeting each one of you, this would be representing you all to the administration of the law school and advocating on behalf of your needs, in order to help everyone succeed during this LL.M. year! As a LGBT Latin-American woman, I know a little bit what invisibility means and my goal is to give voice especially to the ones who usually have fewer opportunities to express themselves. This 2020 LL.M. class is very special and this is why any effort is worth it. Everyone I have met so far has an incredible heart and energy, and I already feel very blessed to be in this journey with all of you. No matter what happens, we will be celebrating it together in May 2020!

Daniel O’Farrill Cortes

It would be an honor to serve as Class Representative for my fellow LL.M. classmates. My goals would be simple:

  1. i) find ways to ease administrative loads with which LL.M’s are required to engage in during our year here; and,
  2. ii) try to enrich our overall experience from an outside of the classroom point of view.

Regarding the first topic, I would focus in bringing useful tools to our reach regarding Writing Papers, which is our main administrative requirement for obtaining our degree. Facilitate workshops and making use of the extraordinary resources Harvard offers us as a group would be one of my main priorities, everything with the goal of easing student’s workload and efficiently make use of our time dedicated to this important task. As another crucial point, I will try to elevate the LL.M. status among JD’s in courses, meaning seat allocation for courses that are reserved only for JD’s vs. LL.Ms.

Regarding my second point, it is clear to me that we are all part of a group of people that enjoy academic challenges. Having said that, I believe it is extremely important to find a balance between course work and social engagements that allow us to live experiences worth remembering (not just unexpected cold calls during classes). After all, we are here for only one year, we better make it a year to remember, in all aspects.

I hope people find my proposals appropriate and will be entirely available for any changes and recommendations. Thank you.

Arthur Rodrigues Dalmarco

For the past month, I believe that many of us have had a similar impression about our journey at Harvard – being part of our LL.M. class has been an enriching and unique opportunity to learn from and engage with each other in many distinctive ways. If on the one hand we have been able to strengthen ties between ourselves during the intense weeks that went by, on the other hand the year ahead still carries many opportunities and challenges for us to overcome together – whether academic, administrative, or professional.

In that sense, the LL.M. class representative is expected to have a deep commitment that goes beyond formal interaction with the Graduate Program and all of HLS’ bodies: those elected need to be a voice to mediate our interests before the Faculty, promote integration between all students, and connect people when agreement and consensus seem unlikely. The diversity that unites us must be fostered to capture the essence of our class – embedded in a true desire to create positive impacts in the world, having empathy and eagerness to learn from different backgrounds, and helping each other to best of our abilities whenever necessary.

Bearing all these goals in mind, and knowing that the elected will carry both the honor and responsibility to speak and act on our behalf at Harvard, I believe I hold the predicates to be our class’ representative and achieve them, hoping you may grant me the privilege to become your active voice before the HLS community.

Julian Rotenberg

Dear LLM classmates: we are at a moment of opportunity and change in our lives. We are all here for different reasons, and it is this combination of motivations and goals which makes our Class unique and unrepeatable. As
your Representative, I want to work so that all of us can make the most out of the year. Let’s do it together!

Berton Wang

Being a student government rep or a class marshal means being the communication channel between faculty and students, devoting time and energy for the benefits of LLM students and being more proactive in communication with my classmates. That’s what I desired to do during my time in HLS!

S.J.D. Representative

Jackie Mwangi

I would be honored to be the voice of SJDs in the student government. I commit to solicit their opinions on all proposed policy changes, to advocate for their views and their general interests as students who spend the longest time at HLS. Thank you for the opportunity.


3L Class Marshals

Amanda Bradley

Dear Class of 2020,

My name is Amanda Bradley, and I would be honored to serve as one of your Class Marshals! I’m running because I’m interested in representing each and every one of us as we finally leave classes, cold calling, student org commitments, and never-ending readings behind.

And since this year will be our final hoorah together, whatever we do should reflect our community and what we want as a class. Like floppy graduation caps. A Class Day speaker we are all excited about. And a Barrister’s Ball that we won’t soon forget.

My personal experiences and past leadership roles will allow me to be an effective Class Marshall. While at HLS, during undergrad, and while working prior to law school, I planned large social events for the communities in which I was involved. I raised funds, found speakers, booked venues, and ordered catering, and I enjoyed it. Furthermore, I am excited about connecting with people. I plan to ensure that our events are welcoming to everyone in our community and inclusive of diverse perspectives and experiences.

I have loved my time at Harvard Law School, and I have loved meeting and getting to know so many of you. To those of you I have yet to meet, I can’t wait to celebrate with and get to know you. I hope that you choose me as one of your Class Marshals!

Zach Buchanan

Hey y’all! I’m Zach Buchanan, and I always say “y’all” when I introduce myself so you know I’m from Mississippi and you should find me charming and nonthreatening. Other charming and nonthreatening things include all Hufflepuffs, small woodland creatures, and Paul Rudd—I aspire to bring the best of all these things to our collective 3L experience.

When deciding to run for Class Marshal, I realized I’ve been inadvertently preparing for this role since starting law school by often prioritizing fun and friends over things like Mark Weber’s mingling seminars (ask me sometime about accidentally greeting a recruiter with “wassup wassup”—sorry OCS). I’ve been doing some steady event planning for campus groups like Parody and Scales of Justice (insert shameless plug for our shows), and I understand those skills pretty directly translate into the Class Marshal role. I spoke this summer with some of last year’s Marshals because I’m a #gunner, and I hope to bring some of their institutional knowledge into the coming year so we can land a Class Day speaker we’re excited about and plan a Barrister’s Ball to (mostly) remember when we’re knee-deep in client woes this time next year.

You people are phenomenal, and you all amaze me constantly. I really enjoy planning events to highlight and build the community here at HLS, and I would be honored and excited to do so as Class Marshal. Thanks for considering my candidacy, or, whatever else professional people say to end statements like this.

Jake Cruz

Why me? It’s simple: you only graduate from law school once. The Class of 2020 deserves the best possible 3L send-off we can give them, and I promise to make that happen.

As someone who served in Student Government through eight years of highschool and undergrad, I understand the importance of a fun formal and a memorable graduation. And given my experience as Homecoming Week Chair in college, I’m confident in my ability to deliver those things.

I’m excited to serve as your Class Marshal! Let’s make this victory lap a good one 🙂

K.C. Jaski

Class of 2020:

This is OUR TIME. And I believe in celebrating. If elected, I’ll seek your input on how to foster our 3L community with inclusive, celebratory moments. Ideas include:

  • Social Events (Calendar): Mixers, formals, clambakes, trips to the Cape. You deserve it all! Tell me what’s on your Boston bucket list (Sam Adams tour, Celtics tix, House of Blues, Isabella Stewart Gardner at night, etc.) and I’ll put my event planning skills to work to make it happen, complete with a central 3L social calendar.
  • Barrister’s Ball: Dancing the night away with bae (or your whole section?), sipping on a strong cocktail (or several…), hogging the photo booth, whatever you’re into, dreams will come true. You can look forward to an appropriately raucous, yet endlessly elegant evening to remember.
  • Class Day: It’s been said before, but this is the year. It’s a personal goal to get an Obama to speak to us at some point during our time at HLS. An Obama and/or Reese Witherspoon. I’m 70% sure it’s a possibility…
  • Last Lectures Series: What professors would you like to hear parting words of wisdom from?
  • Fostering Community Post-grad: While we’ve spent 3 years at HLS, we (hopefully) will be alums for many more. I’d like to orchestrate a fund for hosting HLS 2020 events in any and all cities where you might find yourself next year.

We have 256 days until graduation (but who’s counting??) Let’s make the most of it. Thank you for your consideration!

Jennifer Kim

I’m running to be a Class Marshal because I want the Class of 2020 to have the best end to their time at the law school. Whether it’s getting a class speaker you actually want to hear from, having one last get-together with your section & section leader, or adding new activities to have the BEST Grad Week, I’ll get the job done. As President of APALSA last year and co-President of West Coast Club this year, I also want to see a well-represented and diverse group of Class Marshals leading the charge!

Emily María Migliore

I mostly want to be a class marshal because I have very few skills (see, e.g., the time I got permanently placed on the cash register at Jimmy John’s in high school because I wasn’t making sandwiches fast enough) but the one skillset I EXCEL at is planning things. Hoooooo boy let me tell ya nothing gives me greater joy than planning and executing* events. I’ve coordinated an on-campus farmer’s market in undergrad, planned out La Alianza’s social events as co-chair of the Social Committee during 2L, and thrown some p dank surprise parties for my friends, (((Jay-Z voice))) if I do say so myself. I will happily take any and all suggestions for commencement speaker/Barrister’s Ball/send-off events/improvements to my personality, and I will actively seek out your input throughout the year to make sure that 3L is exactly what you, the Harvard Law School Class of 2020, want it to be. Other than a love of planning events and making people happy, I am motivated to run for class marshal to prove to my former manager at Jimmy John’s that I can make it in life without the ability to prepare sandwiches that are both freaky fast and freaky good.

PS if you want to learn more about me here is a short video I had to make for my job a couple of summers ago:

*I do not mean “planning and executing” in a “premeditated murder” kind of way okay please sit down my dear prosecutor friends.

Neil O’Dougherty

Hi, I’m Neil. This year, we need to party like it’s 2020. I like parties. That’s why you should elect me to bring all the pieces together for our final chapter at HLS. We will have a ball, literally. I was a teacher before law school, so I love event planning. I will get the job done. We will play Old Town Road on repeat at the ball. I will invite Lil Nas X to graduation, but he will not answer. We might settle for one or more of the Obamas. Also, you should vote for me so I can make my mom really really proud at graduation. I’m sure you can all relate.

Jacob Omorodion

Hi! My name is Jacob Omorodion and I am running for Class Marshall. I am running because I am extremely thankful for my time at this institution and, more importantly, for the people I have met within it. It would be an incredible honour to help plan our Class Day, Barristers’ Ball, Commencement, and all the programming that helps memorialize what has been such a special time for us.

Through being a member of BLSA, CLSA, HALA, HIALSA, HMP and more throughout my time at HLS, and in wading through highly varied courses and programming while on this campus, I have been able to experience a wealth of perspectives of what it means to be a student here, the narratives and histories that have brought us here, and the challenges and possibilities that animate our next steps. As one considers the role of the Class Marshal, I think one of the greatest deliverables would be to try and capture that diversity of narrative and experience in our approach, and to speak to that richness at Commencement. That is my goal.

For execution, in being the current President of HIALSA and having led in the organization of conferences at Oxford and McGill I am no stranger to a logistical behemoth, and will deliver effectively.  With regard to speaking, having competed for HLS internationally in the realms of mediation, arbitration and now public international law, I promise to put words together that are coherent… and, with any luck, perhaps even eloquent.

David Sackstein

I love the Harvard community dearly and it will be very difficult to say goodbye. This is my ninth year here—I’ve now spent four years of college, two years of employment, and soon, three years of law school doing my best to make the place that I call “home” feel like a home for others. I’ve served on the Alumni Association, supported the undergraduate community as a resident tutor, and worked to create a more equitable Harvard as an employee and student. These efforts haven’t always been easy. Harvard is a complicated institution with a challenging history, and it’s difficult for many of us to feel a shared stake in this university’s story. However, I’m inspired not by Harvard’s past but rather, by what it can be. The people here continue give me hope—both for this institution and for our world. It would be an honor to spend this year (and the years that follow) helping to build and maintain our amazing community as a Class Marshal for the Class of 2020.

Class Marshals form the core of our class’s “Class Committee,” which is charged with planning our send-off events (including the Barrister’s Ball and Class Day), representing our class to the Alumni Association, and coordinating reunions and alumni events. My experience and journey here make this a job I’d do with passion and joy. Truthfully, this would be a chance to leave Harvard without having to say goodbye. Thank you for your friendship and for this opportunity!

LJ Sanchez

Hello and thank you for taking the time to at least begin reading my personal statement.

I’d love to have the honor to serve as Class Marshal and plan the class of 2020’s send-off events, Barrister’s Ball, and class-day speaker. Throughout my time here I have taken roles allowing me to tackle the planning and execution of events on and off campus. Some of you may know me as the HLS Softball captain, where my co-captain and I coordinated transportation, accommodations, fundraising, and equipment for over 70 students to attend the annual UVA Softball tournament (the best weekend in law school). I have also served as co-social chair for LA Alianza and coordinated the annual NYC trip for CSEL and JSEL. I also attended last year’s Barrister’s Ball and know positive aspects (having a spacious venue) and some of the negatives (the lack of mozzarella sticks).

A vote for me is a vote for mozzarella sticks.

I am a big proponent of the social aspects of law school, for both sanity and entertainment reasons, and would love to have the opportunity to make our class events the best possible! Should I be elected, I promise to make sure Barrister’s doesn’t fall on UVA weekend! I also love talking and hearing myself speak so I will be certain to discuss our potential Class Day Speaker with whoever is interested so we can have one we are all proud of and are excited to see.

I hope to represent you this year.

Caroline Shinkle

Congratulations, Class of 2020, we’ve made it to 3L! So let’s make our last year of law school the best year yet and one we’ll never forget. I would like to be your Class Marshal to ensure that our last year together exceeds all of our expectations and is inclusive, innovative, and inventive, culminating in a Barrister’s Ball that rivals the best party you’ve ever attended and a Class Day that is headlined by a speaker who embodies our values and aspirations.

With your input and advice, I look forward to planning activities and events that bring out the best in our class and provide opportunities for involvement by every member of the Class of 2020. My goal is to make sure that we all look back fondly on our 3L experience as a time that we came together, strengthening bonds with existing friends and forming new bonds with fellow classmates you haven’t gotten to know yet.

I have substantial experience in planning and executing events and am proud to say that I’ve gotten to know many members of the Class of 2020 throughout the last two years. As a result, I am confident that I can be your voice for your vision of what kinds of celebrations 3L should have in store. It’s the people who make HLS special, and it’s the Class of 2020’s time to shine on campus. It would be an honor to serve as your Class Marshal, and I respectfully ask for your support.

Adam Smith

Many of us believe that we were born to become Supreme Court justices. Still others dream of rising to the highest offices in the land. My goals, however, are far more modest. All I want to do is make my mom proud of me. But because I didn’t make HLR, and since there’s no conceivable reality in which I’ll be clerking on the Court, my mom is in fact profoundly disappointed in me. Throw me a bone here, y’all.

Camille Youngblood

I pledge to: (1) secure a dynamic Class Day speaker based on the Class of 2020’s suggestions, (2) plan the most epic Barrister’s Ball HLS has ever seen (and likely will ever see), and (3) coordinate memorable and well-deserved send-off events.

Adele D. Zhang

I’ve dedicated a lot of my time at HLS to making this campus feel like less of a lonely place, (perhaps too much of my time). Through being the Producer of Parody and the Co-President of HL Central, I’ve had a ton of experience planning events on campus that are aimed at building community at this school.

Honestly, I want to do this because I want to make my 3L year at HLS the best possible and I would also love to have a hand in selecting the graduating speaker. I want to make sure that the speaker at graduation is someone that the class is excited about and will do everything in my power to make sure that we pick someone who fits the bill.


LLM Class Marshals

Hanan El Kathiri

I have always been active and interested in acting in a representative capacity on behalf of my colleagues, friends and peers. I believe that I have the will power, knowledge, spirit, heart and intention to try my best to work in the best interest of my colleagues. I am very social and can interact with a number of people from different backgrounds which my LLM class, as you will know, is made up a large pool of brilliant people from all over the world. I am very approachable as well, a lot of people will vouch for me that they can come to talk to me about anything from school, work, career development/advancement. I am also ready and willing to work with any school administrator to ensure that the needs of my peers are well catered for. All this is a work in progress for me and if anything, I am willing to learn from anyone willing to help to better advance our interest as LLM students as a whole.

Rachel McKenzie

I enjoy getting people together and organising excellent social events for all. I am approachable, work well with others and will be proactive in gathering ideas for future events from fellow classmates. I’m up for the craic, enjoy margaritas and understand the importance of putting law school stress to one side to socialise. If elected, I will work tirelessly to promote your social wellbeing at HLS.

Josiah Senu

My name is Josiah and I’m running to be your LLM Class Marshal.

For a moment, imagine that you’re sitting in Austin North, waiting for another lecture to start. But just before it does, you hear a voice coming through the speakers: “This is your conscience speaking”. You’re captivated. After having believed the LLM would be a 9-month vacation, you’re shocked your conscience has managed to follow you to Harvard. Instantly, you recall that you’re in a lecture hall with some of the most inspiring individuals Harvard could assemble, and the belief that now that you’re here you must work harder than you have ever done before sets in. No more reguetón. No more Jai Ho. No more weekend trips to Cape Cod. You begin to wilt in your chair, except that something extraordinary happens. Saving you from ensuing anguish, your conscience tells you that there will be lots of parties, weekly socials, weekend trips to New York, residentials in the West Coast, a beautiful Barrister’s Ball…All of a sudden there is a peace that settles in your heart. This is why you came to Harvard: to live in the moment, to find lifelong friends and to experience every moment like it was your happily ever after.

So vote Josiah for Class Marshal. Why? Because I am your conscience.

Andhika Sudarman

People. Memories. Inclusiveness. These are the reasons I am running for Class Marshal.

I know the fear of being rejected and how it feels not belonged to any group. I know, because as outgoing as I seem to be, I was always afraid inside. I worried people would think I was weird or too friendly, or people simply didn’t feel like to befriend me. But when the graduation day came, I realized how mistaken I was. It turned out people loveeee befriending with me! I regretted the invitations I didn’t send out, the fun moments we could have had together.

This time, I want to do the right thing: Be myself, reach out to people and create long-lasting memories together. And better, this time, in serving you as Marshal, I want us to achieve that collectively.

I am aiming to bring people together and foster a stronger sense of belonging for all of us. I will create small, but fun, engaging and exciting activities throughout the year: Werewolf games, sports, board games, card games, food tasting, winter get-togethers, cultural outings to the South or just trying skiing on the weekend. I want to be there for everyone and my goal would be to ensure everyone is well informed of the different opportunities to engage in events and everyone feels very welcomed. I want everyone to make life-long Harvard memorable moments that we can all tell our family, friends and grandchildren.

I hope to getting to know you all in person.