Task Force on Academic Community and Student Engagement

In fall 2016, Dean Minow created a new Task Force on Academic Community and Student Engagement at the Law School. It is charged with examining the following issues:

Institutional culture: How do we foster an environment in which members of the community can have difficult conversations about hard questions freely, openly, and with mutual respect, and ensure the exchange of ideas inside and outside the classroom that is crucial to the study and practice of law?

Curriculum: How well does the range of courses offered at Harvard Law School serve the aspirations of students and prepare students for the changing demands of our profession?

Mentoring: How can we enhance mentoring opportunities for all students at the Law School?

Institutional supports: What institutional supports, policies, and practices will further the goals of cultivating full participation and inclusion in the Law School community and the free exchange of ideas?

The Task Force will have four students on it, and will be chaired by Professor Bruce Mann. The time commitment will be largely flexible, and will be determined by Professor Mann in consultation with the eventual members of the committee.

If interested, you can apply here

The deadline to apply is Monday, September 12 at 5pm.