Join a Committee

WHO is eligible to join a committee?

Any current HLS student is eligible to join a committee. All you need to do is apply to be on any of the committees, show up to the committee meetings, and participate. You are also allowed to be an elected representative and a committee member simultaneously.

WHAT committee can you apply to?

You can apply to any committee available. All of the committees are listed below.

WHEN can you apply to a committee?

Committee applications are never closed; you can apply to be on a committee at any time during your law school career. The customary times to join a committee are at the end of the spring semester amd during the election cycle in the fall, but anybody interested should join regardless of the timing. 

WHY join a committee?

Committees are an integral part of the law school Student Government. Committees work directly with the Student Council, the administration, and students to make any necessary changes to the school. Anyone who is interested in joining should do so, as it is a wonderful opportunity and can connect you with all kinds of people and experiences.

Committee Application