Spring 2017 Election Information

Public campaigning has begun for the HLS Student Body Elections! Voting will begin on April 5 and April 6. A link will be sent out and voting will be online. ALL students are eligible to vote (including students who are graduating).


The Election Commission has also extended the filing deadline for the offices of 2L Representative, 3L Representative, and SJD Representative. The deadline is extended to March 28th at 5pm. You can file your application here.
The candidates are listed below, and full candidate statements are attached. You can also read HLS Record Interviews with the candidates.
Good luck to all of the candidates!
Student Body President & Vice President
-Adrian Perkins ’18 (P) and Amanda Lee ’18 (VP)
-Anika Khan ’18 (P) and Tyra Walker ’18 (VP)
-Joe Sullivan ’18 (P) and Jin Kim ’18 (VP)
Director of Student Organizations
-Lane Kauder ’18
-Paola Eisner ’19
3L Representative
-Raj Salhotra ’18
-Cameron Pritchett ’18
2L Representative
-Kaitlyn Beck ’19
-Leilani Doktor ’19
 -Sam Garcia ’19
-Jared Lax ’19
SJD Representative
-Bharath Palle
The candidate statements are listed below in full:
President and Vice President
Adrian Perkins ’18 (P) and Amanda Lee ’18 (VP):Adrian Perkins and Amanda Lee would be honored to serve as your Student Body President and Vice President. Together, we have a wealth of Student Government and Student Organization institutional knowledge, having served as the Director of Student Organizations and Journals and Co-Vice President of the Women’s Law Association. We are passionate about building a community at Harvard Law School of leaders, advocates, and friends and hope to work with and behalf of students to create opportunities that catapult all our peers to success. We have dedicated ourselves to serving the student body since we started at HLS and look forward to continuing to do so with the following strategy.As your Student Government leadership, we will focus on four pillars:1) Administration Transparency – Pushing the administration to be more open about hiring practices, admissions and grade statistics, and policies while effectively portraying communication to students2) Serving Students – Unequivocally placing students’ needs first in our agenda, remaining open to feedback by conducting monthly town halls, and celebrating students’ achievements through seminal events like Halfway Through Harvard3) Leadership Development – Continuing our work with the faculty on bringing training for politics, practical legal skills, and ensuring students have more supportive academic guidance throughout their time at HLS4) Uniting Student Action – utilizing our experience and relationships with student groups from LLMs to affinity groups, BSA, student practice groups and more to collectively push for student-driven change.We also bring substantial leadership and management experience that makes us confident that we will be successful in representing you. Prior to law school, Adrian served for eight years in the United States Army, culminating in his command of over one hundred Soldiers in Afghanistan.  Amanda taught students English in Thailand on a Fulbright scholarship and has overseen $10M of federal funding for increasing public health benefits access. It would be privilege to have your vote and to serve you. Anika Khan ’18 (P) and Tyra Walker ’18 (VP):We are running to be your next Student Body President and VP because we believe that our Student Government should reflect more than the status quo during these challenging times. Students would like to feel that they are part of a more cohesive community, and we aspire to help make that a reality.In the law school’s Bicentennial year, we need a Student Government that enhances the way we communicate, relate, and interact with each other. With the advent of a new Dean, we want to lead the charge in reshaping how Student Government can be more responsive to the unique needs of our student body and student orgs.HLS has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives, in large part because of our peers. You all have challenged us, supported us, inspired us—and have made us understand how meaningful it is to be part of this invigorating student body.After discussions with student org leaders as well as with our peers, we have developed a number of platform items responsive to student interests. We plan to:

—Host Student Government meetings and monthly community forums in Belinda Hall to better enable students to define what Student Government means to them.

—Create a centralized guidance document that outlines where to find the resources necessary to launch and sustain successful student organizations.

—Better connect student org leaders with each other by facilitating interaction when needs overlap.

—Continue campaigning for diversity in our faculty to ensure that students are receiving a legal education that is reflective of an evolving profession.

—Put our money where our mouth is when it comes to public interest law by further supporting initiatives that sustain public interest careers.

—Refine the current system for submitting TA and RA paperwork to make it less burdensome for students.

—Offer training via political workshops to guide the next generation of leaders—not just lawyers.

—Unite all law degree candidates that make up our vibrant community.

—Ensure the commemoration of the important milestones in our law school career.

—Launch a student org liaison system that allows for increased dialogue between student leaders and student government.

We are ready to serve YOU as your needs evolve.
 Vote Anika and Tyra for Student Body President and VP and LET US BE YOUR FIRST CALL.

Joe Sullivan ’18 (P) and Jin Kim ’18 (VP):

HLS tuition is now $61,650 per year. Do you know how your tuition money is being spent?

2Ls Joe Sullivan and Jin Kim are economists and current economics instructors at Harvard College. After reading recently that two former HLS administrators stole about $110,000 from the school, they got to thinking: how is this kind of fraud possible? Shouldn’t someone be watching? Shouldn’t your student government be looking to save your money rather than spend it?

Each year at HLS, costs increase while student benefits stay the same or even decrease. That “free” coffee you used to drink? Gone before your first class in the morning. That need-based scholarship you thought you had? Gone when you received your first paycheck as a summer associate. Meanwhile, tuition this year increased by $2,100 – outpacing U.S. inflation by at least a percentage point. Sullivan and Kim promise to reduce your “effective” tuition, defined as Effective Tuition = Costs – Benefits. We will scour the HLS budget to reduce your Costs, and we promise to deliver more in Benefits to you. In a Sullivan/Kim administration, you will get more for your money. We’ll start with the coffee.

You are the future leaders of the United States. Shouldn’t you be getting everything you’re paying for at HLS?


Director of Student Organizations

Lane Kauder ’18:

Student organizations are crucial not only because they allow students to shape HLS in the way that they feel it could be improved, but also because they give students organizational and leadership experience in the process. If selected as the Director of Student Orgs, I will do my best to foster and encourage enthusiasm for student organizations, and to work closely with other members of the SBA in the best interests of the University.

Paola Eisner ’19:

Student Government is a forum where students and organizations come together to discuss the issues that matter to students and where we can speak with one voice with the HLS Administration. As Director of Student Organizations, and as an incumbent Student Government representative, I will continue to push for the HLS Administration to stay transparent and accountable to their clients—us, the students at Harvard Law School. I will encourage cooperation and dialogue between organizations and expand student leaders’ roles and involvement in Student Government.


2L Rep:

Kaitlyn Beck ’19:

I have greatly enjoyed serving on Student Government this year as a representative for section 3. I feel strongly that Student Government should be a resource for students to the administration. I appreciate all the hard work that was done this year by the various committees, and I feel that I learned a lot about how HLS operates. If elected, I want to be an advocate for the students for more open administration communication and an improvement of student life on campus. 

Leilani Doktor ’19:

As a 1L Representative for Section 5, I have been afforded the opportunity to represent my classmates to the greater HLS student government. Diversity of opinion and experience is crucial to an effective and representative government and I believe I am prepared to provide that perspective for the 2L class. Over the past academic year, I have helped Student Government support a resolution recognizing the HUDS workers strike, support a resolution to recognize Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples Day and make small institutional shifts in the free coffee and room temperature. Moving forward I hope to continue to make small infrastructure changes to make students lives better everyday as well as address the big changes in the coming year with the selection of a new Dean and the Bicentennial Celebrations. I pride myself on being an open and approachable representative and I strive to listen to as many different perspectives as possible. These qualities more than anything qualify me for the position. Thank you for considering me and I would be honored to earn your vote.

Sam Garcia ’19:

1. Find a way to pay or support the creator HLS Dope’s replacement. What she made is incredible, and I think the entire student body is behind her keeping it incredible. She is my actual hero.
2. Push to further study on mental health and healthcare by doing things like starting a journal on Addiction & Health Law (something I am already actively working on).
3. Actually make mental health a priority.
4. Somehow find space in the HLS budget to provide a stapler next to each copier. That will be tough since staples are expensive these days.
5. Do laundry
6. Find my missing sock
7. Get groceries
8. Finish Crim reading 427-450
Jared Lax ’19:

I intend to build on my experience as Section 7’s 1L Rep and continue serving the student body as a whole as a 2L Rep.

3L Rep:

Raj Salhotra ’18:

My name is Raj Salhotra, and I grew up, went to college, and taught high school math in Houston.
This year, I had the privilege of serving as 2L Representative and Head of the Academic Affairs Committee, and we achieved some real successes.
1. We held lunches with Professors wherein a group of students could engage with a professor.
2. We worked with the Registrar to provide syllabi for classes and are working on more improvements to the Course Registration interface.
3. We are working to move all end-of-course surveys online, so we can have access to this data.
I am running for 3L Rep to build on this progress and to continue advocating for your goals. Specifically, I hope to:
1) Broaden advising and mentorship for students. Navigating HLS can be challenging, and we should ensure every student receives a faculty advisor and/or a 3L mentor.
2) Ensure HLS is welcoming for all students. Our greatest strength is our diversity, and we must therefore work to create an institution where everyone feels supported.
3) Build and expand public service opportunities. Many HLS students are passionate about public service, so we should work to increase resources for these students.

Cameron Pritchett ’18:

Join the CAMpaign:
Vote Cameron Pritchett for 3L Rep on April 5 & 6

• 1L Rep & 2L Rep
I will bring these 2 years of experience with me as I work closely with the next administration.

– Relationships
Frequently team with DOS including: Dean Sells, Jessica Soban and Jordyne Blaise to reform ASW.

– Health and Wellness Committee
1) Panels on time management and keeping well, 2) Annual dodgeball tournament, 3) Dog Days at HLS, 4) Late night Insomnia Event

– Mentorship
I mentor incoming 1L students—providing guidance on summer jobs, clerkships and extracurriculars.

– Orientation
The BSA now runs 1L orientation. I want to team with other student groups to improve the programming.

• Large Community Events
– Actively proposing to the undergraduate council that HLS students are invited to the end of year “Yard Fest” concert
– Work with the Parody to host talent shows and singing competitions

• Professional Development
– Headshots and business cards
– Provide more guidance for students regarding EIP and other processes

• Academic Support
– Connect students with faculty mentors regardless of section
– Laptop availability in all classes 


SJD Rep:

Bharath Palle:

I intend to effectively represent the SJD community on the Student Government.