Past Accomplishments

Since the refounding of the HLS Student Government, every academic year has concluded with exciting changes and drastic improvements. Read a little bit about what we’ve done here.


Coming Soon!


We are proud to announce that our efforts to reform the 1L Legal Research & Writing curriculum have been successful. In response to student advocacy, the curriculum has been reformed to include more input from practitioners and more frequent peer-to-peer review. 

HLS has agreed to streamline the printing process and test the addition of internal staplers for a few printers on campus. Be on the lookout for certain printers throughout HLS to have this new capability as we move into the fall 2019 semester.

We are working to increase the utility of course evaluations by incorporating a qualitative section in the evaluations. If our efforts are successful, students will be able to convey more precise information than is currently possible with the rigid system of 1-5 ratings for a set of defined categories.

We are working with the administration to secure the release of more detailed information about the state of mental health at HLS as revealed by last year’s mental health survey. This would be but one part of our larger effort to combat the mental health issues facing HLS and the legal profession at large.

The law school experience should not be a negative one; it should be vibrant, exciting, and enriching time for all involved. Building a stronger community at HLS is one way make this a reality – and thus one of our primary goals. Continuing to infuse community space like the Hark Box with fun activities like the public board games repository and last year’s table tennis tournament will remain a focus. Putting on HLS-wide events like the Thanksgiving Dinner and Halfway Through Harvard is another way to bring us together in a positive way. Finally, ensuring that no one in the HLS community feels unwelcome will always be a top priority.