HLS Homelessness Outreach Program (HOP)

A student organization of Harvard Law School focused on connecting those experiencing homelessness with legal services while conducting policy research on housing and homelessness

Community-based solutions to homelessness

On Friday, April 1, the HLS Homelessness Coalition will bring together an exciting group of speakers to discuss social enterprise, homelessness, and some examples of projects in our community created to address homelessness.
Katherine Bennett, the Executive Director of Spare Change News, will come to discuss a long-standing program running out of Harvard Square that involves homeless adults in journalism, business, and community activism. We will also have two individuals come to talk about the recently-opened Y2Y Youth Homeless Shelter in Harvard Square: Kitty Zen, a member of the Young Adult Advisory Council, and Sam Wellington, a third-year PhD student at Harvard. Both Sam and Kitty have been involved with the shelter since the research and feasibility phase.
Our discussion will be moderated by Thea Sebastian, 3L, president of the Social Enterprise Law Association (SELA).
Co-sponsored by Advocates for Human Rights, LAMBDA, and SELA.
Non-pizza lunch will be served. Hauser 105.