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LaBS has been fortunate to host dozens of leading mind science and legal scholars as part of our Speakers’ Series. Browse our list of past talks below, and check back for updates on forthcoming events!

Fall 2015 / Spring 2016

Roseanna Sommers JD/PhD Candidate, Yale University April 15th
 The Psychology of Consent: No Means No, But When Does Yes Mean Yes?
Samuel Sommers Professor of Psychology, Tufts University March 8th
– Racial Disparities in Legal Outcomes: On Policing, Charging Decisions, and Criminal Trial Proceedings
Fiery Cushman Professor of Psychology, Harvard University Nov. 19th
 – Habitual Behavior and Legal Responsibility


Spring 2014

Cass Sunstein HLS  Feb. 26th
 – Nudges and Nudging: Behaviorally Informed Regulation
Francis Shen U. Minnesota Law School March 31st
The Intersection of neuroscience and the law
Joshua Greene Harvard College Psychology April 18th
Moral Tribes: Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them

Spring 2013

Max Bazerman HBS Feb. 7, 2013
 – Bounded Ethicality
Amy Tishelman Boston College Psychology Mar. 1, 2013
 – Child Trauma and Associated Features: Implications in the Legal Context
James Gilligan NYU Law & Psychiatry Mar. 8, 2013
 – Does the Prison System Deter Violence, and If Not, What Alternatives Could We Have? 
Adrian Raine Penn Psychology Apr. 4, 2013
 – The Anatomy of Violence: The Biological Roots of Crime 
Glenn Butterton Vanderbilt Apr. 18, 2013  
 – The Self and Its Brain: Notes on Neurolaw Research

Fall 2012

Jon Hanson HLS September 24
– What Is “Law and Mind Sciences” and Why Does It Matter?
George Marcus Williams Political Science October 4 Video
– Conventional Wisdoms Versus Affective Intelligence: How Elections Are Really Won and Lost
Ryan Enos Harvard Government October 11 Video
– Mitt Romney Is Really, Really Good Looking: Do Attractiveness and Other Trivial Things Affect Elections?
Todd Rogers HKS October 18
– The Psychology of the Politics of Politics 
Betsy Sinclair Chicago Political Science October 25
– The Social Citizen
Joshua Buckholtz Harvard Psychology November 30
– Genetics, Neuroscience, and Crime: Science Fact and Science Fiction

Spring 2012

Teresa Amabile HBS Jan. 31, 2012
 – The Progress Principle
John Jost NYU Psychology Feb. 6, 2012
 – A System Justification Perspective on Social Stratification and Inequality
Paul Bloom Yale Psychology Feb. 20, 2012 Video
 – Do Babies Have a Sense of Morality and Justice? Is Kindness Genetic or Learned? 
Jenn Lerner HKS Mar. 5, 2012
 – Life at the Top: Evidence on Elite Leaders and Stress Hormone Secretion 
Daria Roithmayr USC Law Apr. 2, 2012 Video
 – The Evolution of Legal Punishment

Fall 2011

Edward P. Schwartz EPS Consulting Sep. 13, 2011
– Facing the Fearful Jury: Terror Management Theory in the Courtroom
Dr. Steven Hyman Broad Institute Sep. 27, 2011  Video
– Addiction as a Window into Volition
Richard Wrangham Harvard Anthropology Oct. 10, 2011  Video
– Sexual Disparities and the Evolution of Patriarchy
Robert Trivers Rutgers Anthropology Nov. 3, 2011  Video
– Deceit and Self-Deception
Diane Rosenfeld HLS Nov. 30, 2011  Video
– Penn State, Intervention, and a Theory of Patriarchal Violence

Spring 2011

Ray Jackendoff Tufts Philosophy Jan. 31, 2011  Video
– The Natural Logic of Morals and Laws
Patrick Shin Suffolk Law Feb. 8, 2011  Video
– Unconscious Bias and the Legal Concept of Discrimination
Felix Warneken Harvard Psychology Feb. 28, 2011  Video
– The Roots of Human Altruism: Evidence from Children and Chimpanzees
Richard Hackman Harvard Psychology Mar. 7, 2011  Video
– What Makes for a Great Team?
Jon Hanson HLS Mar. 29, 2011
– Law, Psychology, and Inequality
Adam Benforado &               Geoff Goodwin Drexel Law /                         Penn Psychology Apr. 2, 2011  Video
– Punishing Jaws

Fall 2010

Jim Sidanius Harvard Psychol. / AAAS Sep. 12, 2010
– Under Color of Authority: Terror, Intergroup Violence, and the Law
Dan Dennett Tufts Philosophy Sep. 28, 2010  Video
– Free Will, Responsibility, and the Law
Drazen Prelec MIT Economics Oct. 12, 2010
– Neuroeconomics
Dan Kahan Yale Law Oct. 18, 2010  Video
– The Laws of Cultural Cognition, and the Cultural Cognition of Law
Sam Sommers Tufts Psychology Nov. 5, 2010  Video
– Empirical Perspectives on Jury Diversity
Adam Kolber Brooklyn Law Nov. 2, 2010
– Freedom of Memory
Nalini Ambady Stanford Psychology Nov. 9, 2010
– Nonverbal Behavior: Accuracy and Contagion

Spring 2010

Mahzarin Banaji Harvard Psychology Mar. 11, 2010
– Mind Bugs and the Science of Ordinary Bias
Joshua Greene Harvard Psychology Apr. 1, 2010
– Moral Cognition and the Law

Fall 2009

Dan Wegner Harvard Psychology Sep. 8, 2009
Psychological Studies of the Guilty Mind
Fiery Cushman Brown Psychology Sep. 21, 2009
Outcome vs. Intent: Which Do We Punish, and Why?
Andrew Papachristos Umass Amherst Sociology Oct. 5, 2009
Why Do Criminals Obey the Law: The Influence of Law and Social Networks on Active Gun Users
Dan Gilbert Harvard Psychology Oct. 19, 2009
Why the Brain Scares Itself
Goutam Jois J.D., HLS Oct. 22, 2009
Stare Decisis is Cognitive Error
Steven Pinker Harvard Psychology Nov. 17, 2009
A History of Violence: How We Became Less Violent