Dear 1Ls,

Welcome to Harvard Law School.

HLS Rootstrikers is the law school’s one stop shop for campaign finance rabblerousing. Founded in 2013, HLS Rootstrikers seeks to foster conversation within and outside of HLS about innovative ways to reduce the corrupting influence of large donors on state and local elections.

HLS Rootstrikers is the first law school branch of the national Rootstrikers organization, and appropriately so. HLS professor Lawrence Lessig founded the national Rootstrikers organization in 2011. Rootstrikers derives its name from the following Henry David Thoreau quote: “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” HLS Rootstrikers believes that this country’s major problems will likely remain unsolved until significant change is made to the way campaigns are funded.

In its short existence, HLS Rootstrikers has sponsored lectures, participated in marches, and organized a reading group. Under Professor Lessig’s stewardship, we plan to expand our outreach in the future.

The HLS Rootstrikers Board