Dear HLS Rootstrikers,

Because of the snowstorm last week, the Board has decided to extend the deadline for accepting candidate statements for the upcoming HLS Rootstrikers election.  Candidate statements are now due this Wednesday, Feb. 18, at 11pm.  Please see below our original post describing the statement requirements and Board positions.This deadline extension will also allow any interested candidates the optional opportunity to attend our weekly Board meeting tomorrow (Monday, Feb. 16) at the upstairs Hark, at 3:15pm.  Just email us if you plan to stop by, and we’ll be sure to look for you.
Again, current 1Ls are especially encouraged to run for the Board.  This is a great opportunity to take on a leadership role in an important cause.  No prior experience with managing a campaign finance reform organization is necessary–just creativity, passion, and a strong work ethic!  All Board positions at this point are very much open to potential contenders.

With a Presidential election taking shape during the next academic year, the issue of campaign finance reform promises to heat up — it should be an interesting year to have a front row seat in this most critical conversation!

Yours truly,
The Rootstrikers Board

What follows is a brief description of the application process and elected positions. For more information about our organization and each elected position.The positions you can run for are listed below. All HLS students not graduating this year are eligible to vote and to run for any position. If you are interested, please email a brief candidate statement to

The statement should be a maximum of 200 words and should outline why you would like to be elected and what you would like to see Rootstrikers do next year. Optionally, we are also requesting that you send a small picture (similar to what is on your HLS ID card) so that people can put a face to a name when they are voting.

You may run for more than one position, but you need only submit one statement. If you choose to run for multiple positions, please note which positions you are running for in your submission email. Rootstrikers uses a modified drop down election process. The President will be elected from among the candidates first – the person with the most votes will win. The two candidates with the most votes for VP will be selected for those positions, and so on. If candidate X runs for both President and Treasurer, and happens to get the majority vote for both positions, he will serve as President and the person with the second-largest number of votes in the Treasurer position will serve in that capacity. This might be a bit confusing, so please let us know if you have questions.

Rootstrikers Board Positions:


Current: Sara Murphy

The President is the main liaison between the group, the HLS administration, and Rootstrikers’ national branch. The President has general supervision and control of all programs, handles all formal correspondence, manages communications to the broader community, and works with the VPs to publicize events and initiatives.Vice Presidents 

Current: Zach D’Amico & Tony Carr

The Vice Presidents assist the President in his/her duties. They provide oversight for board members and committees, and are in charge of recruitment strategies and initiatives.Treasurer

Current: Mark Thomson

The Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of our group’s budget, submitting receipts and other paperwork to the Dean of Students, and communicating with the administration in regards to funding issues that may arise. The Treasurer is also in charge of applying for additional funding.Secretary

Current: James Park

The Secretary compiles and distributes the weekly email newsletter and maintains the Rootstrikers’ HLS organization website.  The Secretary also records and distributes minutes of each meeting. The Secretary may also be delegated additional duties as the Board sees fit.Once we have received all submissions, we will post the candidate statements on our organization website and send out a link to the ballot.