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The Harvard Law School Reparatory Justice Initiative (RJI) was founded to explore what it means to repair social relationships defined by historical harms. By engaging communities at HLS and beyond with the topic of reparations, RJI fosters conversation and action to effectuate social repair and reconciliation, through the lens of “reparatory justice.”

RJI is focused presently on exploring, furthering, and cross-pollinating discussions surrounding reparations in the U.S. context, regionally in the Caribbean, and in the international transitional justice and human rights arenas. Issue areas of focus also include the role of education, truth, and memory as non-monetary elements of reparatory justice and the search for common ground with the wide range of voices that remain skeptical of reparations. 

RJI seeks to delve into the subject of reparations through speaker events, reading groups, research projects, advocacy work, and other collaborative initiatives. 


RJI co-founders at our launch party on February 16, 2017


RJI tours the Royall House and Slave Quarters in Medford, MA on October 13, 2017






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