Welcome to Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice!

HLS for Reproductive Justice is the Harvard branch of a nationwide organization, Law Students for Reproductive Justice, that focuses on the promotion of reproductive justice as a central civil and human right.

Reproductive justice encapsulates the right to make informed choices about one’s body, one’s sexuality, and one’s desire (or not) for a family. It includes topics like sex education, contraceptives, abortion, familyplanning, female genital mutilation, and healthcare. Beyond that, reproductive justice is part of a larger fabric of civil and human rights, intricately connected to social justice issues like education, healthcare, development, and socio-economic equality.

The mission of HLSRJ is to advocate for the promotion of reproductive rights and to educate Harvard students about reproductive justice issues facing women across different spheres – domestic and international, from different ethnic and cultural communities, and from varying economic backgrounds.