listening with empathy · welcoming vulnerability · cultivating resiliency · promoting the power of habits

Mission Statement


HLS Peer Advisors was founded in 2019 to wrestle with a specific question: how does learning how to thrive as a human being prepare us to study and practice the law? Our working answer: being deliberate and intentional in our lives, practicing life, allows each of us to study and practice the law to our highest academic and professional potential, while living meaningfully and with purpose. 

Practicing life, living deliberately and intentionally, requires naming and embracing life’s challenges in order to meet them. This means sharing our moments of doubt and uncertainty out loud, listening with empathy and without judgement, welcoming uncertainty and vulnerability, cultivating resiliency and practicing the transformative power of habit. And practicing life requires daily care of ourselves, actively seeking out fun and creative opportunities, and celebrating our victoriesboth small and large.  

We believe there are ways to approach our lives that can help make us better students and better lawyers. We’d love the opportunity to work with you to find them.