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Each of us knows the capacity of our classmates to add incredible value to the world. For those that choose the public interest path, the way is a little murkier but the potential perhaps even greater.

Donating a summer day’s pay to One Day’s Work helps clear the fog. One Day’s Work is a simple program: 2Ls working in the private sector this summer donate a day’s pay. That money funds a one-year fellowship awarded to one of your outstanding classmates upon graduation. Your classmate uses the fellowship to jump-start her or his public interest career and goes on to do wonderful things in the world (guaranteed).

Let us go further together. Donate to One Day’s Work today!


Esther Silberstein and Amal el Bakhar are the 2014-15 One Day’s Work Co-chairs. If you would like to get involved with One Day’s Work, please email us at onedayswork@gmail.com.

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