The Harvard Law School National Security Research Committee (NSRC) is a division of NSLA. The NSRC is a student-led initiative in which NSLA members work in collaboration with outside organizations to produce high-quality reports on pressing national security matters. The NSRC—like all other divisions of NSLA—is nonpartisan, unaffiliated with any particular national security agenda, and welcomes people of all backgrounds and viewpoints. The NSRC is currently involved in researching changes in U.S. detention law brought about by the Guantanamo cases in collaboration with the Brookings Institution, as well as various individual projects with HLS professors. Examples of past NSRC work include a project completed in conjunction with the Center for New American Security on the feasibility of establishing internet service provider liability for cybersecurity breaches, proposals to a working group of Mexican policymakers on reducing violence related to drug trafficking, and suggestions for the Obama administration’s reexamination of classification policies for national security documents.

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To get involved in NSRC’s projects, please us at hlsnsla@gmail.com. You can also contact our Vice Presidents of NSRC at cpoplin@jd19.law.harvard.edu or nswire@jd19.law.harvard.edu.