National Security Course Offerings


  • Civil War and the Transformation of International Law w/ Professor Anne Orford
  • Counterterrorism and International Law w/ Professor Naz Modirzadeh
  • Gender Violence Legal Policy Workshop w/ Ms. Diane Rosenfeld
  • Global Anticorruption Lab w/ Professor Matthew Stephenson
  • Human Rights Advocacy w/ Ms. Anna Crowe Ms. Salma Waheedi
  • Human Rights and Humanitarianism through the Lens of Documentary Film w/ Ms. Rebecca Richman Cohen
  • Human Rights and International Law w/ Professor Gerald Neuman
  • Human Rights in the UN Treaty Bodies w/ Professor Gerald Neuman
  • International Human Rights Clinic w/ Professor Susan Farbstein
  • International Humanitarian Law/Laws of War w/ Naz Modirzadeh
  • Just and Unjust Wars w/ Professor Moshe Halbertal
  • Law and China in the Age of Xi Jinping w/ Mr. Mark Jia
  • Public International Law w/ Professor Naz Modirzadeh
  • Public International Law w/ Professor Gabriella Blum
  • Public International Law w/ Professor Anne Orford with Professor Raymond Atuguba
  • Internet & Society: The Technologies and Politics of Control w/ Professor Jonathan Zittrain, Mr. Jordi Weinstock [Applications due November 6, see here]
  • Law 2.0: Technology’s Impact on the Practice of Law w/ Dr. Ron Dolin
  • Lawyering for the President w/ Mr. Shalev Roisman


  • The American Presidency w/ Roger Porter (DPI 115)
  • The Evolution of the 21st Century American Presidency: Bush, Obama, and Trump w/ Elaine Kamarck (DPI 117M)
  • Corruption: Finding It and Fixing It w/ Jeeyang Rhee Baum (DPI 543)
  • U.S. Foreign Policy in a Global Age w/ Fredrik Logevall (IGA 217)
  • The Politics of Terrorism: Causes and Consequences from a Global Perspective w/ Erica Chenoweth (IGA 231)
  • War and the Utility of Military Force w/ William Rapp (IGA 285M)
  • Human Rights & Nat. Security (Case of Torture) w/ Douglas Johnson (IGA 347M)
  • Preventing Mass Atrocities: The Security Council and the International Criminal Court w/ Luis Moreno Ocampo (IGA 367M)
  • Leading the National Security Enterprise w/ Ash Carter (IGA 282)

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