National Security Course Offerings

Spring 2018 Courses:

Harvard Law School:

Course Professor(s) Credits Link
Digital Privacy Michael Fertik 1
The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence (by Permission) Jonathan Zittrain, Joichi Ito 2
Hard Cybersecurity Tradeoffs (by Permission) Jack Goldsmith 2
Global Anticorruption Lab Matthew Stephenson 2
National Security Law and Practice (by Permission) Matt Olsen 2
National Security Law: Legal Frameworks and National Security Decision-making Juan Zarate 1

Harvard Kennedy School:

Course Professor(s) HKS Course ID
Decision Making in Recent Crises
(IGA 224M)
Meghan O’Sullivan 170302
Insurgents, Terrorists, and Violence: Causes and Consequences of Civil War
(IGA 227)
Dara Kay Cohen 170304
Cybersecurity: Technology, Policy, and Law (IGA 236) Bruce Schneier 170309
Human Rights and National Security: The Case of Torture (IGA 347) Douglas Johnson, Alberto Mora 170349
Preventing Mass Atrocities: The Security Council and the International Criminal Court (IGA 367M) Luis Moreno Ocampo 170278

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