National Security Course Offerings

Fall 2018 Courses:

Harvard Law School:

Course Professor(s) Credits Link
Counseling and Legal Strategy in the Digital Age Christopher Bavitz 2


Crimmigration: The Intersection of Criminal Law and Immigration Law Philip Torrey 2
Cyber Criminal Law and Procedure Seth Berman  2


Global Anticorruption Lab Matthew Stephenson  2
Human Rights Karen Engle 3
Human Rights Advocacy Anna Crowe, Yee Mon Htun 2
International Human Rights, Anti-Impunity, and Criminal Law Karen Engle 2
The International Law of the Sea James Kraska


The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Robert Mnookin 1
National Security Law James Baker 1

Harvard Kennedy School:

Course Professor(s) HKS Course ID
Combating Corruption Internationally Mark Wolf DPI-540M
Controlling the World’s Most Dangerous Weapons William Tobey IGA-232:
Cyber and Information Operations: Technology, Policy, and the Law Eric Rosenbach IGA-240
Cybersecurity: Technology, Policy, and Law Bruce Schneier IGA-236
Future Issues in Cyber-Policy Bruce Schneier IGA-237M
Great Power Competition in the International System Nicholas Burns IGA-116
Insurgents, Terrorists, and Violence: Causes and Consequences of Civil War  

Dara Kay Cohen

Killing and Letting Die in Public Policy: From A(bortion) to W(ar) Kathryn Sikkink IGA-145M
Leadership and Management of National Security William Rapp IGA-212M
Preventing Mass Atrocities: The Security Council and the International Criminal Court  

Luis Moreno Ocampo

Protecting the Homeland(s): The Challenges of Domestic Security Juliette Kayyem IGA-615
What’s Wrong with U.S. Foreign Policy? Stephen Walt IGA-219M

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