Current Board 2020-2021

– Co-Chair, Fernanda Gómez Baldera (LLM´21)

– Co-Chair / Treasurer, Melissa Alvarez García (LLM´21)


Board 2019-2020

From left to right: Miguel Casillas Sandoval, Christian Hernández Lara and Eduardo Espinosa de los Monteros Pereda

President, Christian Hernández Lara (LLM’20)

(Chris, as her friends call her, practices and is interested in tax law)

Secretary, Eduardo Espinosa de los Monteros Pereda (LLM’20)

(Eduardo practices real estate, corporate, finance and fintech law, he is passionate about technology and its relationship with the law)

Treasurer, Miguel Oscar Casillas Sandoval (LLM’20)

(Miguel is deeply interested in comparative constitutional law)