The Mexican Association at Harvard Law invites you to the event:

Tax, Business, and Development: How U.S. taxation and the OECD are impacting European and Emerging Markets.

WCC 1010

Mexican “tamales” will be served

February 21st, 12-1 PM EST

Discussing the impact of the U.S. tax reform and tax policy on multinational companies and how these affect global business and capital including other leading economies such as the EU to strong emerging markets such as China, India, Russia, Brazil and other countries in Latin America. Globally, the general trend has been for countries to reduce income tax rates and to broaden their tax base. Additionally, we will discuss the current efforts of the OECD and by OECD member countries to address tax-base erosion.


Michael F. Mundaca is leader of the National Tax Department at Ernst & Young LLP. Prior to re-joining EY in 2011, Michael served at the U.S. Treasury Department as the Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy, at the appointment of President Obama, heading the Treasury Department’s Office of Tax Policy and advising Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on matters relating to taxation.

Ricardo Vargas is a senior manager at the Latin American Business Center of Ernst & Young LLP in New York.