Welcome (back) to HLS!

The Mexican Law Student Association welcomes all incoming and returning students. As we face an unprecedented academic year, we are here to support our members and are looking forward to keep  bringing Mexico into the HLS community. More information about our upcoming events will be posted soon. Stay tuned!


A message from our Outgoing Board…

A message from our Outgoing Board:

Dear classmates,

First, we want to take a moment to acknowledge all of the students at Harvard Law School (“HLS”) for your ever-enduring determination and strong resolve during these difficult times. All of you have proven to be true born leaders and members of this community. Whether you are still in Cambridge, back at the homeland or in any other part of the world, know that our thoughts, thanks and support are always with you.

As the year ends and we prepare to say farewell, we’d like to draw back on what has been done during the school year of 2019-2020. This year we had the opportunity to represent the Mexican Association at HLS before the Mexican consulate authorities, some visiting Supreme Court Justices and former Ministers of State; we also successfully co-sponsored the staff appreciation week. Last but not least, we organized and hosted lunch talk events on tax and environmental law that gave us and you the opportunity to interact with leading scholars and practitioners, and of course, to try out some of our delicious Mexican cuisine. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to concretize some of the events that we were preparing for you with people from the World Bank, Google, Facebook and Amazon (LatAm), among others, which we are sure would have been an amazing experience and source of knowledge for all of us. Nevertheless, you should stay in the lookout for more information regarding this topic.

We expect that this space continues to be a home away from home for Mexicans at HLS, a safe haven for international friends, or simply, a go to place for anyone who wants to know a little bit more about Mexico, its law, its culture and its people. Our ongoing mission towards the future is to keep the presence of Mexico and its legal system highly engaged with the HLS community.

Times like these build up our resilience and strengthen our ties with the people we love the most. Even in the darkest of the hours our friends and family are a ray of light that shine upon our restlessness, and we are surely one for them. Lastly, we want to thank you for your trust and support, and to remind you that more than a student run organization, we aim to be a student run family. One you can always count on with.

With our deepest love and admiration, always at your service,

The Board of the Mexican Association at Harvard Law School 2019-2020:

Christian Hernandez Lara (President), Eduardo Espinosa de los Monteros Pereda (Secretary), Miguel Casillas Sandoval (Treasurer)

From left to right: Miguel Casillas Sandoval, Christian Hernández Lara and Eduardo Espinosa de los Monteros Pereda

Comparative Challenges in Environmental Law and Policy: Mexico, Brazil, Italy

The Mexican Association at Harvard Law in coalition with the Harvard Italian Law Association and the Harvard Brazilian Law Association invites you on behalf of:
-Treasurer, Miguel Casillas Sandoval (LLM’20)
-Secretary, Eduardo Espinosa de los Monteros (LLM’20)
-President, Christian Hernández Lara (LLM’20)

to its event to be held this Friday March 6, 2020 @ 12:00 p.m. in Hauser Hall Room 102;

Tax, Business, and Development: How U.S. taxation and the OECD are impacting European and Emerging Markets.

The Mexican Association at Harvard Law invites you to the event:

Tax, Business, and Development: How U.S. taxation and the OECD are impacting European and Emerging Markets.

WCC 1010

Mexican “tamales” will be served

February 21st, 12-1 PM EST

Discussing the impact of the U.S. tax reform and tax policy on multinational companies and how these affect global business and capital including other leading economies such as the EU to strong emerging markets such as China, India, Russia, Brazil and other countries in Latin America. Globally, the general trend has been for countries to reduce income tax rates and to broaden their tax base. Additionally, we will discuss the current efforts of the OECD and by OECD member countries to address tax-base erosion.


Michael F. Mundaca is leader of the National Tax Department at Ernst & Young LLP. Prior to re-joining EY in 2011, Michael served at the U.S. Treasury Department as the Assistant Secretary for Tax Policy, at the appointment of President Obama, heading the Treasury Department’s Office of Tax Policy and advising Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on matters relating to taxation.

Ricardo Vargas is a senior manager at the Latin American Business Center of Ernst & Young LLP in New York.

The Mexican Association @HLS invites you to the Mexico Conference

When: January 31st and February 1st, 2020.
Where: Harvard University, Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Law School campuses.

The MX Conference 2020 is the third edition of the conference organized by the Harvard University Mexican Association of Students (HUMAS) along with the Mexican Association at Harvard Law School. The objective of the conference is to expose the participants to the leading and often missing voices about the interdisciplinary issues and opportunities that Mexico faces in the 21st century.

The conference will draw prominent experts from Mexico and beyond that specialize in fields that range from business innovation, inclusion and inequality, economic growth, human capital, public security and safety, and culture.

For more information, please visit: The Mexico Conference Official Website

HLS annual Thanksgiving Dinner sponsored by The Mexican Association at Harvard Law School

Dear fellow Mexican students and friends:

This year, to herald our annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Student Government, the Mexican Association and other associations @ HLS are hosting a week-long celebration of our custodial and dining staff from November 18th-22nd.

Our hope is that this celebration will help improve the HLS community by encouraging students to get to know staff members, learn more about how HLS runs, and cultivate a culture of treating all members of our community with kindness and empathy.

As part of the celebration, we would like to invite you to the annual HLS thanksgiving dinner taking place this Thursday, Nov. 21 @6p.m. in your beloved Milstein room.

The tix are USD $10 and include access to our all-you-can-eat buffet, but most importantly, to our all-the-love-you-can-share dinner experience.

You can find the link to the event’s tickets by clicking here!

Hola Harvard Law!

Welcome to The Mexican Association at Harvard Law School.

We are really excited for this new year, with it comes new opportunities, new challenges, new experiences and so much fun things for all of us to enjoy and to take advantage of.

Our Board is really looking forward to make of this the best year so far. This space is designed to enhance everybody’s possibilities to connect with Mexico.