The Mexican Association @HLS invites you to the Mexico Conference

When: January 31st and February 1st, 2020.
Where: Harvard University, Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Law School campuses.

The MX Conference 2020 is the third edition of the conference organized by the Harvard University Mexican Association of Students (HUMAS) along with the Mexican Association at Harvard Law School. The objective of the conference is to expose the participants to the leading and often missing voices about the interdisciplinary issues and opportunities that Mexico faces in the 21st century.

The conference will draw prominent experts from Mexico and beyond that specialize in fields that range from business innovation, inclusion and inequality, economic growth, human capital, public security and safety, and culture.

For more information, please visit: The Mexico Conference Official Website

HLS annual Thanksgiving Dinner sponsored by The Mexican Association at Harvard Law School

Dear fellow Mexican students and friends:

This year, to herald our annual Thanksgiving Dinner, Student Government, the Mexican Association and other associations @ HLS are hosting a week-long celebration of our custodial and dining staff from November 18th-22nd.

Our hope is that this celebration will help improve the HLS community by encouraging students to get to know staff members, learn more about how HLS runs, and cultivate a culture of treating all members of our community with kindness and empathy.

As part of the celebration, we would like to invite you to the annual HLS thanksgiving dinner taking place this Thursday, Nov. 21 @6p.m. in your beloved Milstein room.

The tix are USD $10 and include access to our all-you-can-eat buffet, but most importantly, to our all-the-love-you-can-share dinner experience.

You can find the link to the event’s tickets by clicking here!

Hola Harvard Law!

Welcome to The Mexican Association at Harvard Law School.

We are really excited for this new year, with it comes new opportunities, new challenges, new experiences and so much fun things for all of us to enjoy and to take advantage of.

Our Board is really looking forward to make of this the best year so far. This space is designed to enhance everybody’s possibilities to connect with Mexico.