MELSA Response to the Tragic Explosion in Lebanon

You have your Lebanon and I have mine.

You have your Lebanon with her problems, and I have my Lebanon with her beauty.

You have your Lebanon with all her prejudices and struggles, and I have my Lebanon with all her dreams and securities.

Your Lebanon is a political knot, a national dilemma, a place of conflict and deception. My Lebanon is a place of beauty and dreams of enchanting valleys and splendid mountains.

Your Lebanon is inhabited by functionaries, officers, politicians, committees, and factions. My Lebanon is for peasants, shepherds, young boys and girls, parents and poets.

Your Lebanon is empty and fleeting, whereas My Lebanon will endure forever.

– Gibran Kahlil Gibran, “The Eye of the Prophet” 1920

As we are sure you are all aware, explosions erupted in the Port of Beirut in Lebanon yesterday.  We have seen the videos and are heartbroken. There are no words to express not only the tragedy of these events but also the trauma the Lebanese people are facing. Many people died, properties eviscerated and lives altered. All of this on top of a global pandemic, economic crisis and political unrest. In our view, now is not the time for third-party speculation of what transpired, but to truly hold pause and place for those impacted. We do so now and ask you to join us. We offer ourselves in any way possible to those who need it and want to pass on some links to donate. If you have other thoughts about resources for us to share with the community so we can all come together to help, let us know. We are all ears.