LIDS in the News

Harvard Law and International Development Society builds global law school network” October 16, 2014- A spotlight on the LIDS Global network

“Why the Anti-Corruption Movement is the New Human Rights Movement” December 13, 2012 – a Slate article about the anti-corruption movement, the focus of LIDS’ 2012 Symposium.

Student conference focuses on strategies for tackling corruption” November 30, 2012 – HL Bulletin Piece about 2012 LIDS Symposium.

Retail in developing countries: Selling sisters” November 29, 2012 – the Economist wrote a piece about Solar Sister, a former LIDS project partner.

At HLS, Editor Calls for Freedom in Bahrain” November 29, 2011

Taking an Idea and Running with It: Students spearhead a project proposing constitutional reforms for Bahrain” Summer, 2011

Two receive the Gary Bellow Public Service Award,” April 15, 2011

Law students spend January in Lesotho with U.S. government,” April 6, 2011

Making a difference: Across the University, public service programs are thriving,” April 6, 2011

Harvard Law School Law and International Development Society inaugural symposium focuses on post-disaster situations,” December 3, 2010

HLS to host Nobel Prize winner, ex-Haitian PM,” November 16, 2010

International Legal Studies Week: The Harvard Law & International Development Society,” March 25, 2010