Harvard School of Public Health Faculty

The following is a list of faculty and their expertise who LIDS members may find to be of interest at the Harvard School of Public Health. These lists do not represent a comprehensive list of faculty members working in law and development at HSPH, but they are meant to be useful suggestions for students interested in law and development.

For the HSPH catalog, please click here. Please send along suggestions or ideas for improvement to lids@mail.law.harvard.edu.  Thanks!

Professor Name

Areas of Interest

David Canning The role of demographic change and health improvements in economic development.
David Bloom The application of microeconomic theory to the fields of labor, population health, development, and environment, with a focus on international health and demography.
Günther Fink, Ph.D. economic development, with a particular focus on the interactions between health and human capital on one side, and economic growth on the other.
Thomas Bossert Supports work on economics, politics, organizational and financing issues of health systems and health reform, including decentralization of health systems, public/private mix, political and policy analysis of reform processes, and institutional and governance reforms.
Daniel Halperin 


Dr. Halperin has conducted epidemiological and ethnographic research for over thirty years on a number of health and sociocultural issues in Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa and other developing regions. 


Ajay Mahal Uses economic analyses to influence public health policy in developing countries. 



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