Law and Behavioral Science (LaBS) is a student organization of Harvard Law School helping to bring groundbreaking behavioral science research with profound implications for law and policymaking to the Harvard Law School community.

Over the past decade, the number of law review articles citing to prominent mind sciences journals has skyrocketed while an increasing number of law schools have begun offering courses emphasizing relevant insights from social psychology and related fields.   LaBS hopes to foster a community of committed students who seek a more rigorous interdisciplinary approach to legal studies.   Working in conjunction with students and scholars at affiliated schools across Harvard University, LaBS will host speakers and collaborate with other student organizations on campus to help fill a void in legal discourse.  LaBS also collaborates with other law schools and graduate departments in the New England region with the hope that our efforts will inspire like-minded students to embark on similar initiatives and collaborative projects.

LaBS will host speakers throughout the 2020-2021 academic year and encourages you to get in touch with its leadership if you are interested in sharing your work.