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Maria Lucia Passador

Maria Lucia Passador: President and Treasurer
LL.M. Candidate, Class of 2021

Maria Lucia holds a Combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Law (J.D. equivalent) from Bocconi University in Milan and a Ph.D. in Business and Social Law from her alma mater.

At Harvard Law School, Maria Lucia is currently Editorial Board Member of the Harvard Business Law Review and of the Harvard International Law Journal, as well as Conference Chair of the Harvard European Law Association (HELA) and member of the Firms Committee of the Harvard Women’s Law Association (WLA).

She also works with professor Hal S. Scott, Nomura Professor of International Financial Systems.

Before joining Harvard Law, she practiced as an attorney-at-law admitted to the Milan Bar Association, mainly being involved in corporate law and securities regulation areas, and she still is an academic fellow at Bocconi University. Her primary areas of interest also include corporate governance, comparative corporate law and financial markets regulation.

Maria Lucia has published papers in Italy (ex multis, in Rivista delle SocietàGiurisprudenza commerciale, also drafting case law notes and bibliographical notes published in Giurisprudenza italiana and Banca borsa e titoli di credito), in France (in Revue de droit des affaires internationales and Revue internationale des services financiers), in Spain (in Revista de Derecho Bancario y Bursatil) and especially in the United States (Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial LawNew York University Journal of Law and BusinessDelaware Journal of Corporate Law and Virginia Law & Business Review).

She was Junior Academic Visitor at the Commercial Law Center – Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, Visiting Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg, at Columbia Law School, and at Harvard Law School, under the supervision of professor Mark J. Roe (to whom she worked as a Research Assistant) and professor Jesse M. Fried (Spring 2016 and 2017).


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