Executive Board

Current Board

Erin Savoie (Co-President)

Email: esavoie@jd22.law.harvard.edu

Erin Savoie is a 3L from New Orleans, Louisiana. She has a B.A. from Vanderbilt University in Political Science and English Literature. At HLS, she is Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law. In her spare time, she enjoys running and watching the New Orleans Saints.

Fred Messner (Co-President)

Email: fmessner@jd22.law.harvard.edu

Fred Messner is a 3L from Washington, D.C. He studied Economics and Arabic at Georgetown University. Fred worked in consulting and finance after graduating but decided to come to law school to read, write, and pursue justice. In addition to his duties on the HPLA board, he is an active member of the Harvard Law Review, the Harvard Law School Wine Club (In Vino Veritas), and the Harvard Law Softball Team. After graduating, he hopes to join a plaintiffs’ firm focused on labor, employment, and civil rights litigation. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, Washington Nationals baseball, and spreading the gospel of vegetarianism.


Shilpa Sadhasivam (Professional Development Chair)

Email: ssadhasivam@jd23.law.harvard.edu

Shilpa Sadhasivam is a 2L from Upstate New York, interested in becoming a plaintiff-side litigator. Shilpa graduated from Cornell University, where she majored in Government and Politics. At Harvard Law, she is the Managing Editor of the Journal of Law and Gender, a student attorney at the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, and a member of the South Asian Law Students Association. She spent her 1L summer as an associate at Block & Leviton, a plaintiffs’ firm in Boston, Massachusetts. In her free time, Shilpa enjoys baking, tennis, art projects, and growing her (temperamental) bonsai tree.


David Walsh (Treasurer)

Email: dwalsh@jd23.law.harvard.edu

David Walsh is a 2L from Miami, Florida. He graduated from Florida State University in 2018, where he was Chair of the Student Foundation and President of Burning Spear. At Harvard, he is Lead Student Writing Editor for the Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review and a student attorney with the Harvard Prison Legal Assistance Project. He has worked as a Summer Law Clerk for the Federal Public Defender in the Southern District of Florida. David spends his free time hiking, eating Peruvian food, and playing chess (poorly).


Steven Becker (Communications Chair)

Email: sbecker@jd23.law.harvard.edu

Steven Becker is a 2L from the Bay Area, California. He graduated from Tufts University in 2020 with a degree in International Relations and Arabic. Throughout both college and law school, Steven has been an avid mock trial competitor, helping lead his team to success at over 18 tournaments. He hopes to one day work as a courtroom plaintiffs’ attorney in consumer protection or workers’ rights litigation. In his free time, Steven loves cooking and baking in all forms, and wants the world to know that he was making sourdough way before the pandemic craze.


Abraham Barkhordar (Membership/Social Chair)

Email: abarkhordar@jd22.law.harvard.edu

Abraham Barkhordar is a 3L from Los Angeles, California. In 2019, he earned his undergraduate degree in History from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Before graduating, he worked at several small law firms and volunteered time with JusticeCorps to help Pro Se Litigants in Los Angeles. At HLS, he is an active member of the South Asian Law Students Association and the West Coast Law Students Association, as well as the co-founder and former co-president of the Harvard Plaintiffs’ Law Association. He is interested in personal injury and class action litigation. After graduating, he hopes to join a plaintiffs’ firm and one day open his own legal practice. In his spare time, he enjoys tropical fish keeping, surfing, and watching NBA basketball (despite Laker games starting around midnight EST).


Connie Cheng (Secretary)

Email: ccheng@jd23.law.harvard.edu

Connie Cheng is a 2L from the San Francisco Bay Area. Before law school, she studied economics at Harvard and worked at Pro Bono Net’s Immigration Advocates Network. At HLS, she is also a member of the Harvard Law Review, Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, and Asian Pacific American Law Students Association. She spent her 1L summer at Dovel & Luner and the San Francisco City Attorney’s Office. Connie is a fan of pop culture podcasts and museums of any kind.

William B. Rubenstein (Faculty Advisor)

Email: rubenstein@law.harvard.edu

William B. Rubenstein is the Bruce Bromley Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. He writes about civil litigation and has taught a variety of related courses including Civil Procedure, Advanced Civil Procedure, Complex Litigation, and Remedies.

Professor Rubenstein has served as a court-appointed expert in several high-profile multi-district litigation (MDL) matters and he regularly provides expert witness and consulting services to attorneys involved in complex procedural matters.

After graduating from Yale College (magna cum laude, 1982) and Harvard Law School (magna cum laude, 1986), Professor Rubenstein clerked for Hon. Stanley Sporkin. From 1987-1995, he worked at the national office of the ACLU litigating complex civil rights cases. Before joining the Harvard Law School faculty in 2007, Professor Rubenstein taught for a decade at UCLA Law School and for two years at Stanford Law School. He is a member of the bars of Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania (inactive), D.C. (inactive), the U.S. Supreme Court, and numerous federal circuit and district courts.

Juliana Chang (Section 1)

Email: tchang@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Juliana is a 1L from the Bay Area and Taipei. She is involved with the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review, the Women’s Law Association, and the Mississippi Delta Project. She graduated with her B.A. in Linguistics and M.A. in Sociology from Stanford University in 2019.

Gabriel Bongiorno (Section 1)

Email: gbongiorno@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Gabriel Bongiorno is a 1L from Maplewood, New Jersey. He graduated from Binghamton University in 2021 with a B.A. in Economics and Environmental Policy. At HLS he is an active member of the Equal Democracy Project, the National Lawyers Guild, and team captain for the HLS Intramural Volleyball team, “You Got Served”. His interests include baking lasagna, playing chess, and singing sea shanties.

Martin Rather (Section 1)

Email: mrather@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Martin Rather is a 1L originally from New York, NY, but with a heart always in Texas. He has a B.A. from Rice University and an M.S. from Columbia University. Before coming to HLS, he coached high school basketball and worked to reform the NYC Board of Elections.

Andy Gu (Section 3)

Email: agu@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Andy is a 1L from the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated from the University of Southern California with degrees in Philosophy and Computer Science in 2018. Before law school, he conducted simulated cyberattack exercises as a security engineer so organizations could proactively fix cybersecurity issues. Outside of school, he enjoys spending time with his two cats, building websites, and watching Survivor.

Pranaya Pahwa (Section 4)

Email: ppahwa@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Pranaya Pahwa is a 1L from San Jose, California. He studied History and Political Science at Washington University in St. Louis. At HLS, he is a member of the South Asian Law Student Association, the Harvard Environmental Law Review, and the Environmental Law Society. In his free time, Pranaya enjoys playing pool, collecting basketball cards, and reading mystery and fantasy books.

Bo Garfinkel (Section 5)

Email: bgarfinkel@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Bo Garfinkel is a 1L from Denver, Colorado. She has a B.A. from Washington and Lee University in Anthropology and Sociology. At HLS, she is involved with the Women’s Law Association, HL Central, the Harvard International Law Journal, and the Recording Artists Project. In her free time, she loves to spend her time outdoors as well as explore new places to eat!

Simone Unwalla (Section 7)

Email: sunwalla@jd24.law.harvard.edu

Simone Unwalla is a 1L from Great Falls, Virginia. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics where she was the captain of the varsity fencing team. Prior to law school, Simone worked at a nonprofit think tank dedicated to achieving justice for child sex abuse survivors. Outside of school, Simone is an avid non-fiction reader and loves exploring new pubs and breweries.

Will Scarfone (Section 8)

Email: wscarfone@jd23.law.harvard.edu

William Scarfone is a 2L from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. He studied in the Film Department at Bard College, and spent time before law school working on documentary projects focused on geopolitical conflict, including for the investigative agency Forensic Architecture. In his free time, William enjoys biking and cooking.

Past Boards

Abraham Barkhordar (Co-President and Co-Founder)

Email: abarkhordar@jd22.law.harvard.edu


William Greenlaw (Co-President and Co-Founder)

Email: wgreenlaw@jd22.law.harvard.edu


Fred Messner (Professional Development Chair)

Email: fmessner@jd22.law.harvard.edu


Erin Savoie (Conference Chair)

Email: esavoie@jd22.law.harvard.edu


Tyler Kohring (Treasurer)

Email: tkohring@jd22.law.harvard.edu


Jarrod Nelson (Secretary)

Email: jnelson@jd21.law.harvard.edu


Joey Bui (Membership/Social Chair)

Email: jbui@jd21.law.harvard.edu


William B. Rubenstein (Faculty Advisor)

Email: rubenstein@law.harvard.edu

Past Section Reps

Ariella Katz (Section 1)

Email: akatz@jd23.law.harvard.edu


Azhan Hasan (Section 1)

Email: ehasan@jd23.law.harvard.edu


David Walsh (Section 2)

Email: dwalsh@jd23.law.harvard.edu


Steven Becker (Section 3)

Email: sbecker@jd23.law.harvard.edu


Shilpa Sadhasivam (Section 4)

Email: ssadhasivam@jd23.law.harvard.edu


Cody Watson (Section 5)

Email: cwatson@jd23.law.harvard.edu


Dominique Luongo (Section 7)

Email: dluongo@jd23.law.harvard.edu