• Only a small number of students report harassment or assault to a school authority figure. When survivors do report their assaults, they face a disconnect between student experiences and the administrative processes, and may feel overwhelmed by their university’s internal processes or by their communications with prosecutors.
  • There are very few non-profits that can afford to send attorneys to campus enough times to create ongoing relationships with individual students.

HALT strives to fill these gaps. Law students comprehensively-trained advocate for survivors within internal university and college hearing processes.


  • Advocates for students in the Boston­ area who have filed sexual assault or harassment complaints against other students or faculty through internal campus administrative procedures. HALT advises students about university administrative procedures and provides education on interactions with criminal justice processes, as requested.
  • Works with the campus administrations to increase their knowledge of recent developments pertaining to campus sexual assault, and assists with the development of policies and procedures that reflect a holistic approach to preventing and addressing the problem. Toward this end,  HALT collaborates with schools to identify and improve procedures that may lack Title IX compliance, and practices that may discourage students from reporting or pursuing complaints.
  • Researches issues pertaining to survivor advocacy upon request.
  • Conducts Know Your Rights Trainings and Peer-to-Peer Survivor Advocacy Trainings.

HALT Does Not…

  • Pressure survivors to report to either the police or to their campuses; HALT supports survivors in their own decisions.
  • Assist with Title IX litigation; HALT refers those pursuing lawsuits to other resources.
  • Work with campuses that provide licensed attorneys for students, negating need.
  • Represent respondents, which would present conflicts of interest, undermine survivor trust, and broaden focus to additional issues.

Our Training

  • HALT law-student advocates are supervised by Harvard Law School Lecturer on Law Diane Rosenfeld, leading national expert on Title IX
  • HALT law-student advocates receive extensive training in Title IX, related Department of Education mandates, the policies of our partner colleges and universities, as well as in sensitivity when helping those coping with sexual assault trauma. The training is conducted by various entities including Harvard University’s Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, partner campuses’ Title IX Offices, and Harvard’s Title­ IX­ Lecturer on Law Diane Rosenfeld.
  • HALT receives referrals from our partner colleges and universities, as well as local survivor-oriented organizations.





Katherine Leung (kleung@jd17.law.harvard.edu)

Sarah Gutman (sgutman@jd18.law.harvard.edu)

Mailing Address:

Harassment/Assault Law-School Team (HALT),  Harvard Law School, 1563 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02138