Since March 2009, Harvard Law School student teams have worked on legislation and advocacy related to food policy in the Mississippi Delta region.  Students have worked on a range of projects which focus on two primary goals: (1) improving access to healthy foods for Mississippi residents and (2) spurring economic growth for small farmers and local food producers.

This spring, the Appalachian Diabetes Coalition has invited the Food Policy team to present on local food policy at their annual conference. The presentation will focus on how to connect food from farms to local institutions, such as schools, stage agencies, hospitals, and prisons. We will provide information about successful local, county-level, and school district policies and will interview leaders of successful programs to glean best practices for implementing local procurement programs. Some students will travel to Gatlinburg, TN on April 14-16 to present at the Conference.

Contact: Sam Block ’16 ( and Elizabeth Guo ’16 (