So far, more than 100 law students have volunteered with the Delta Project by providing pro bono legal assistance and policy analysis for nonprofit, for-profit, and governmental clients in the Delta. (See below for a full list of projects.) The Project regularly considers new assignments to which it can contribute. Currently, Delta Project volunteers work on the following projects in the following issue areas:

Substantive student work is overseen by Emily Broad Leib ’08, who is Director of the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic and Associate Director of the Harvard Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation, and by the Joint Harvard Law School and Mississippi State University Delta Fellow, who serves as Director of the Delta Directions Consortium.  The current Delta Fellow, Nate Rosenberg ’11, began in his position in January 2012.

Delta Directions Consortium (DDC) is the Delta Project’s main partner in the region. DDC is an interdisciplinary group of individuals from academic institutions and foundations that collaborate to create transformational change in the Mississippi Delta region by improving public health and promoting economic development. While HLS Delta Project students primarily work from the HLS campus in Cambridge, MA, project members travel to the Delta during school breaks. Because of these geographic constraints, the Delta Project relies on the DDC and other local partners to identify and manage programs while HLS students provide crucial support.