Q: What kind of music can I play through the CMS?

While we serve mostly classical musicians interested in chamber music, anyone who is musically inclined is welcome to join and perform in events.

Q: Do I need to audition?

No. Membership is inclusive, meaning that anyone who wishes to participate is very welcome to do so. No auditions are necessary to perform in recitals.

Q: My friend is not a student at HLS.  Can he or she participate?

Yes. We recognize that chamber musicians are rare, so the bigger the network, the more playing opportunities. Although the CMS is primarily intended to serve the HLS community, we are happy to have other musicians in the Cambridge/Boston area participate as well. We do collaborate with non-HLS affiliates, including musicians from the Harvard Medical School, the Harvard Business School, and the Longwood communities.

Q: What is the time commitment?

It’s up to you. It can be as much or as little you as wish.  Participation is low-key and just for fun.  We do try to offer a regular series of events each year, and we organize recitals in which you (and your group) are welcome to perform.

Q: Where can we rehearse?

Practice rooms with pianos are available in the music department on a first-come, first-served basis for musicians with Harvard IDs.

Q: Are there any orchestras that I can join?

Yes. There are many playing opportunities at Harvard. Please click on the “Resources” link for more details.

Q: Where can I find someone who plays the viola?

Does anyone really know how to play the viola? Just kidding! If you are seeking a violist or other musician, or if you want to announce your event, you can email the HLS-CMS listserv or contact us individually.