2017–18 Board
Peter Im Co-President
Liz Gyori Co-President
Meghan Liu Community Engagement Chair
Zach Sosa Political Chair
Margaret Huang Public Interest Chair
Kevin Patumwat Conference Chair
Alicia Guo Conference Chair
Michael Drell Sponsorship Chair
Jean Lee Sponsorship Chair
Victor Ma Treasurer
Seowoo Kim Academic Support Chair
Zach Tan Academic Opportunities and Clerkships Chair
Jenny Wu Professional Development Chair
Sylvia Zhang Membership and Alumni Relations Chair
Matt Lin Social Chair
Cathy Ren Social Chair
Jason Han Communications Chair
2016–17 Board
Kevin Jiang Co-President
Amanda Chan Co-President
Felicia Chen Conference Chair
Jane Jeong Conference Chair
Joanna Cornell Sponsorship Chair
Steven Chen Sponsorship Chair
Mollie Swears Treasurer
Emily Chan Academic Support Chair
Molly Ma Clerkships Chair
Jin Kim Professional Development Chair
Cathi Choi Political Chair
Peter Im Public Interest Chair
Minje Shin Membership & Alumni Relations Chair
Jieun Lim Social Chair
Ellen Park Social Chair
Samyel Lee Communications Chair
2015–16 Board
Cindy Guan Co-President
Michael Ye Co-President
Purun Cheong Sponsorship Chair
Gawon Go Sponsorship Chair
Timothy Chang Social Chair
Janet Lee Social Chair
Mengjie Zou Communications Chair
Katherine Kwong Academic Chair
Naomi (Jeehee) Yang Conference Chair
Jieun Lim Conference Chair
Ming Cheung Political Chair
Ally Chiu Public Interest Chair
Steven Choi Professional Development Chair
Jeff Cui Membership & Alumni Relations Chair